Studiously Tedious

I hunger for knowledge,
Est boire in thirst,
But food will not linger,
And drink still won't turn.

Books wait in laughter,
Yet, I can't read them,
I have been splayed.

Teacher, oh teach me.
Help me to see…
I promise to listen,
If you teach me today.

Take the burned lessons,
The morals in dust,
I'll read them-
And feed them-
I'll take them to heart.

You have a student,
One who will learn.

Oh teach me.
I know it's my turn.

A/N: Studying is so tedious. Why bother when I'm going to fail anyways? I should have listened to the teacher... but I guess that is what you get for slacking off in a college class as a high-shooler. I should stop procrastinating and go study now D