A/N: This is the first story in, what is going to be my new serries, The Imperils Gang. It is derived from the old Midnight Calling, but mixed with new elements. I have deleted all of my old writting from here, and now starting new, because I have redone every single story and poem that was on here, so if you were a fan of my old stuff, I hope you enjoy the new!

Chapter One, A New Beginning

In a bantam, hidden town, just south of Rosworth, the current Keeper of The Candles gave birth while still being encircled by the light of her clans life. The newborn babe arrived just as the clock somewhere above stroke midnight, but otherwise with out a sound.

The woman, Alezia, lay unconscious as the village healer cut the umbilical cord and began to heal her, and a maidservant started washing the soundless child with a wet cloth. After Alezia was healed almost to the point she had been even before becoming pregnant, the healer traced her fingers across the unconscious womans brow as her hand began to glow with a bright blue light. The second the healer removed her hands, Alezia opened her light lavender and aqua eyes to stare up at the ceiling.

Continuing, without a word, the maidservant handed the babe to her mother, a very grim look on her face. Alezia nodded in a small thanks to her, before looking down at the child.

Alezia gasped, and the infant nearly slipped from her grasp, but the babe didn't budge in the least, instead, it stared right back into Alezia's aqua and lavender eyes with her own pitch black ones. Alezia's bottom lip began to quiver just a little bit, as her eyes welled with tears. A single tear escaped and traced down her cheek before landing with a soft splatter on the baby's forehead.

"You understand what this means, right?" The healer asked in a quiet and grim voice, breaking the silence. Alezia looked up at her, while biting her bottom lip. After the two women made eye-contact for just a moment, Alezia nodded and handed her child back to the maidservant.

The maidservant turned from Alezia, and lay the child on the ground while pulling a piece of blood red chalk out of her pocket. As the woman began drawing a decorative circle around the babe, the healer rummaged in her bag. When she turned, a silver dagger was in her hand, gleaming off of the thousands of candles that surrounded them. Mutely, the healer crossed the few feet separating her and the child.

As she drew nearer, the babe began whimpering quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear. The healer knelt next to the whimpering child, and held the dagger above her breast, ready to plunge it deep inside the tiny defenseless creature. She drew her arm up, ready to strike.


Zeida woke with a gasp, covered in sweat. She looked around her dark room and slowly sat up, placing her head in her hands.

"Not again..." She muttered into the dark. "That was the third time this week.." She sighed, and shook her head, picking it up out of her hands. "Well..I suppose I'll get ready. Mum would be here soon to wake me anyways." She mumbled to herself, feeling silly afterwards for talking out loud.

After speaking, Zeida stood out of her bed, and took another look around the dark room. It was a low-ceiling and drab place, but the room she had had for years. There was a a black dresser in the corner that came almost to Zeida's chest, her bed, a lone straight-backed chair in another corner, and a single window over her bed, with dark wool curtains covering it. The carpet was gray, and the once white walls were now gray as well. She took a deep breathe, looking at her familiar surroundings, and crossed to her dresser.

She pulled out one of her simple gray dresses that was worn by the peasant women and girls here in Rosworth, and started brushing her short black hair in the mirror. After finishing, she striped herself of her night-clothing and donned her dress, pulling it over her head. Although she was only twelve, her appearance certainly no longer resembled that of a child, so much, to the point where some older girls in the orphanage were jealous of how she looked.

There was a hard rap on the door before Mum poked her head inside, her red and orange curls falling down either side of her face.

"Now, you make sure you look nice today, Zeida, there's gun'a be a viewing, ya' hear?" She said in her uneducated slur. Zeida smiled and nodded before Mum's head disappeared and the door shut with a quiet click.

A nervous flutter shivered through her chest, and she felt her throat tighten up in anxiety. Zeida's smile faded until her mouth was just a nervous line, and she reached forward to open her top drawer and reached back inside, pulling out a long, skinny piece of coal, a jar of red goop she had been given by a friend of hers before she was adopted, as well as something Mum had given her for Christmas which she had called hair gel that smelled like lilies.

Looking in the mirror, she carefully traced the outline of her eyes with the coal like she had been taught, making her eyes look bigger and darker than before. After being satisfied with that, she took the hair gel container and spread a little of it's contents on her hands before rubbing her hands through her hair, styling it so that the back and sides stood up and looked more voluminous and so the bangs would fall carefully across one side of her face. When finished with that, she unstopped the jar of red paste and, using her finger, spread a little on her lips to make them look a bright red. She smiled into the mirror. Being pleased with how she looked, she crossed to the door, and exited into the hallway.

The hallway she entered was just as dull and drab as anywhere else in the house, with the same color carpet and walls as her own room, but had pictures covering most of the faded gray walls of past owners of the house, and of every child that had been adopted. Almost every part that wasn't covered in pictures there was a door to all the other children's rooms in the house. Zeida continued on down the hall, looking at all the pictures of girls and boys who have been adopted, and hoped and prayed that today would be her turn. She reached the door at the end of the hall that stood open, giving her a view of the almost empty dinning room where bowls of oatmeal stood at every chair.

When Zeida entered, she looked around, scanning the table with her black eyes, thinking this may be the last day she would ever have to eat in this dreary place, with forty three other kids, and smiled at that thought. She seated herself towards the front of the table, so she would be one of the first kids the family saw when they walked in, and settled down into her flavorless meal with watered down milk.

The way the adoption process usually worked, was that the night before the family wanted to come in, they would write Mum (who obviously wasn't the actually mother of any of these children) to announce their arrival. Then during breakfast, they would come in and start observing, picking out who they might want, and who they think they would want to stay away from, and they just observe until about lunch time. At that time, they usually approach their candidates, which usually varies from three to seven most of the time, and those children and the family would eat lunch together, and learn more about one another. From lunch until dinner, the family will spend time with the ones they have chosen, occasionally sending off one until they are left, usually, with two by the time dinner comes.

Once dinner comes, the family would usually take the remaining two children and eat with them like they had done before, and then talk to them one on one, questioning them, learning about them, as well as telling about themselves. Then, just before bedtime, they make their decision, and take home the one child after signing the adoption papers, leaving the other one to cry themselves to sleep with thoughts of what might have been. Zeida personally has been that certain child that gets crushed harder than anyone else more times than she can count. Almost every time someone comes for a viewing, she eats lunch with them, and at least half the time, she makes it to dinner, but is always turned away at the last second.

Zeida chewed on the inside of her lip nervously, wondering what family would come to adopt today. Usually only families who have lost their child to illness or incidents come in to adopt, so usually the family is still grieving, and looking for a kid just like the one they lost. Zeida pursed her lips and scrunched her eyes closed, hoping and praying that kid will be her. She's been here the entire twelve years of her life, longer than anybody else, and she finally wanted to say that she had a family, something she never had before.

A hush fell suddenly over the dining room and in curiosity, Zeida opened her eyes and looked around noticing that while she had been thinking, the rest of the house had made their way to the dining area, but that wasn't the reason for the quietness. No, it was because the family had arrived. Normally, that wouldn't cause such a disturbance, but it was the Aurie family.

The Aurie's were the wealthiest and most well-known family in all of Rosworth. All three of them stand tall, the mother, father, and the son, and all of them have pointed and furry ears, like a cat, and feline features. They even had whiskers! This was the first time Zeida had ever seen them, but she had heard about them plenty of times when she was allowed to go out into the city. They were the most breath-taking and beautiful people she had ever seen, even with their strangeness. The mother and father stood with elegance and grace that demanded respect, but they were not the ones that had caught her attention. No, the one Zeida found herself incapable of looking away from, was their son.

Their son, who was surprisingly as pale as she herself was, stood only to his fathers shoulders, and even seemed to slouch a bit. He didn't wear the average apparel of a noble family member, but instead he wore some strange sort of clothing Zeida had never seen before. The pants were black, entirely black, and were really tight on him, even tighter than his mother wore her slacks! And he had a foreign belt on, that was striped black and white, but that wasn't even the strangest part about him! He was wearing a blouse! A white womans blouse! Zeida just could not comprehend that. No man ever wore womans clothing in Rosworth. It was simply unheard of!

Zeida's gaze slowly slid up from his outstanding clothing and made it's way up to his face, which was easily as antic as his clothing, but similar to his parents at least. They all had big round eyes, that slanted off to the side towards their furry ears, and five whiskers poking out off of each cheek. They all also had a rounded pink nose and a wide mouth, but the sons face was some how different. It was half hidden behind a mane of black hair, just like her own, but his eyes...

The iris to his eyes had a black ring to show where they started, but other than that looked like a sheet of ice, with grays and whites and scratches of color here and there, but somehow remained identical to ice, where-as his parents both had golden brown eyes. But something else was different, it was were his eyes were looking, and that was strait at her.

Zeida gasped when she realized that, and her eyes went wide with surprise at being singled out, and she even began blushing a little, but he never took his eyes off of hers. She looked around at everyone else, and was even more surprised to see that everyone had started moving again, eating their oatmeal and drinking their watered-down milk, just like any other day.

Trying to act normal, Zeida picked up her spoon and shoved a mouth-full of oatmeal into her dry mouth, and was glad that it didn't require any chewing to eat. After swallowing, she took a quick glance back at the boy to see if he was still watching her. He was. She quickly looked back down at the table, shoving another spoonful into her mouth and taking a drink of her milk. After finishing her breakfast, she stood and took her bowl, spoon and cup over to the sink. As she dropped her dishes into the sink with the rest of them, she glanced over her shoulder back at the boy, but he wasn't there.

Zeida turned, leaning against the counter, and looked at the peculiar couple still standing by the door way, but without their son. She tilted her head to the side, wondering if he might have went to use the bathroom or had just left. By the time everybody had finished eating breakfast, put their dishes away, and gone off to do their chores, he still hadn't returned. Figuring he must have left, because even his parents had left the dining area, to watch the rest of the kids she presumed, Zeida turned to the sink, starting on her morning chores, with his icy eyes filling her mind.

Zeida sorted the dishes and put them on one side of the counter next to the sink, and began filling it up half full with warm water, mixing in a little of the dish soap Mum always said she used too much of. As she watched the bubbles form on the surface of the water, she rested her chin in the palm of her hands, with her elbows resting on the edge of the sink, still thinking about his eyes that had bore into hers only moments ago. She sighed, and straitened up, turning her back to the unwashed dishes, and stopped abruptly. Taken aback, she stood face to face with the man she had just been thinking so intently about.

"How do you do? My name is Yuki, Yuki Aurie. Or formally, I suppose I would be Aurie Yuki. And you are?" He said, all with very grand elegance and slight foreign accent Zeida could not identify. Slightly mystified, Zeida stood straighter, looked him in the eyes and shook his hand firmly.

"I-It is my pleasure to make you acquaintance, Mr. Aurie Yuki. My name is Zeida, no last name I'm afraid, so formally it would still just be Zeida." She said in her own slight accent, not sure where she had gotten it from, considering she spent her whole life in Rosworth, but the difference was subtly there. He smiled at her, almost even chuckled, and his feline lips turning up at the corners and his ears perked up as he bent down to kiss her hand, never taking his eyes off of hers.

"No, no..." He said. "The pleasure is mine, and mine alone." Yuki straitened up, and Zeida lightly took her hand back, feeling slightly more than awkward.

"Well, uh...I was about to start the dishes, so..you can go...or stay. Or well, which ever you wish I suppose." Zeida said to him, reaching up a messing up the back of her hair, and looking around randomly, somehow feeling out of place in the very home she has always lived in.

"Well, I was hoping to help you with them. That is, if you don't mind the help?" Yuki responded coolly in a velvety voice as he grabbed the hand that was messing up her hair, gently putting it back down by her side before giving her a purposefully over the top smile. Zeida smiled, and chuckled a little, before nodding.

"And your wish is my command." She said, a light laughter in her voice. Yuki smiled at her and Zeida turned to the sink, dumping a pile of dirty bowls into the tepid, soapy water with a splash and reaches in after them, picking out gumps of oatmeal and scrubbing the dish with her hands and a filthy dishtowel. As she was doing this, Yuki took a step forward so they were standing side by side. He picked another dishtowel up off of the counter and began drying dishes as Zeida handed them to her. They continued on silently in this manner until all the dishes were cleaned, dried and stacked into neat piles on the Yuki's side of the sink.

Abruptly, Yuki turned to Zeida, staring her strait in the eyes, and smiled a somewhat secretive smile, looking quite thoughtful. Just as Zeida was about to ask him what was on his mind, her gently grabbed her arm, encasing her wrist in his large hand, and half pulled, half led, her over to the table. First he pulled out a chair and waited for Zeida to sit before taking a seat himself, all the while staring into Zeida's pitch black eyes. Zeida squinted a bit, intrigued by how much he looked her straight in the eye, and decided to ask them about it. When she did, he gave a small laugh and smiled.

"My apologize ma'am, I mean no rudeness. Your eyes are just very - what's the word? - different than what you normally see, and if I may be so bold as to ask, do you know from where you acquired them?" He raised his eyebrows, and seemed to grow more intent while continuing to stay very polite. Zeida smiled a bit, and tilted her head to the side while watching him watch her before clearing her throat slightly.

"Well, Mr. Aurie Yuki," She started, looking him in the eye, trying to copy the way he did it to her. "First off, I do not find it rude, not in the least, simply curiosity. Secondly, I haven't a clue as to my nationality, so I'm afraid I have no answer for your question. You see, I've lived in this very home my entire life." She confided in him. Yuki's face seemed to drop slightly as though disappointed, but Zeida dismissed it as though she had seen wrong because immediately his face was back to polite interest as before.

"Ah, but of course." He responded. "Well, onto more pleasant matters, my parents and I are here to adopt a child today, as I'm sure you know, but, as I'm sure you do not know, is that we are here to adopt a child for me. They do not care if they have another kid in the house or not, but you see Zeida, it's lonely staying there all alone, so my parents have decided that they are willing to adopt a person to be sort of a...playmate for me, if you will. I am telling you this, so that you can understand that it is my choice as to whom we adopt today, and I think that you and I will have a very pleasant time together. I can tell by just looking at you, that I will absolutely love spending time with you, but you don't know that about me yet. So, would you like me to tell you about myself?" Yuki told her in a slight whisper, as though he didn't want anybody else to hear them, and without ever taking his eyes off of hers. Zeida smiled politely, turning her head to the side again while starring into his eyes.

"I would very much like that, if you don't mind the trouble." Zeida told him, making Yuki chuckle and shake his head.

"Not a trouble in the least. So..where to begin? Well, me and my family are from a far away country on the other side of the world, and we always go back to mate so that our blood will not mix with that of the people of Rosworth. You see, I'm what people here call a Nekko. This means that, although I'm obviously primarily human, I also share some very feline-like characteristics. As I'm sure you can see, as some of those characteristics are my ears, whiskers, and eyes, but much of my personality also resembles that of an average house cat. I sleep a lot, at somewhat odd times, and I get very bored easily. You see, that is the precise reason as to why I want you, to keep me...entertained.

"Now! Enough about my ancestry, I'm sure you are more interested in me myself." He paused for a moment, giving Zeida an opportunity to comment, but when she said nothing, he continued on his own. "Well, I am seventeen years of age, and I have recently come back from a long journey to my home country, hence the attire you seemed so interested in when you first saw me." Zeida smiled and nodded, looking again over his clothing. "I was obviously brought up in a very wealthy family, but I do not personally find myself to be spoiled, though I admit I sometimes can be slightly selfish and require lots of attention, attention I shall want from you if you agree to come live with us. I feel I am reasonably effortless to live with outside of my constant need for attention. Some of my hobbies include sleeping, reading, writing, drawing, and running.

"Well, I am positive you know that the choice to be adopted by us is entirely up to you, and you must feel no obligation to come live with us, but is that something you would enjoy doing?" Zeida's jaw almost dropped to the ground at the proposal, did he even need to ask such a silly question as that? This is what she's been waiting for her entire life! I would be a fool not to take this. She thought to herself, a complete and utter fool. Zeida looked up at Yuki who will still watching her expectantly and realized that she still didn't answer him. She blushed slightly and reached up, musing her hair again.

"Why of course I would! Yuki, all I've ever wanted was a family; a mother, a father, and maybe a sibling or two, and that is exactly what your offering. Of course I'd want to come live with you and your family!" As she spoke, she could see Yuki's face relax as if she had taken a heavy burden from his shoulders and smiled a dazzling smile, the corners of his mouth perking up towards his furry ears. Zeida smiled back, and felt her eyes trail up to those ears like a magnet.

"But first..." Zeida said pausing, looking back into his eyes and she could see them close just slightly, as though worried. She smiled. "Mr. Offering-me-a-chance-of-a-life-time, I have a simple request.." She paused again, feeling slightly childish. Yuki's eyebrows moved together in confusion while staring into Zeida's eyes as though trying to read her mind.

"Go on..." Yuki urged her in his deep velvety voice that made Zeida relax just at the sound. She smiled again, broader than before, and pointed up at his feline-like ears with a single finger.

"May I touch them?" Zeida said in a simple, innocent and some what childish voice, with a slight underlying glee. Yuki smiled broader than Zeida and chuckled, a rich warm sound mixed with the sound of a cat purring filled the entire kitchen. He nodded, continuing to grin and show each one of his sharp, little teeth as he told her to go ahead. Zeida's smiled deepened as she stood, leaning forward, and tenderly ran just the very tips of her fingers over his furry ears. Yuki's eyes fluttered shut and purr reverberated from him throughout the entire kitchen, warming the inside of Zeida as she stared at his beautiful, aesthetic, and relaxed features.

Zeida heard a door open and close behind her and quickly dropped her hands and clasped them behind her back before turning to see Mr. And Mrs. Aurie standing there with Mum in front of the door way, their elegant and fair feline features twisted into a rather terrifying grimace while starring at her and their son. Yuki stood, almost a full head taller that Zeida, she noticed, and draped an arm casually across her shoulder, smiling kindly at his parents, but with a resentful look in his eyes, as though her wished nothing but ill upon the people that had raised him.

"Yuki, the carriage will be here by the end of the hour to take us home. You will help young Ms. Zeida gather her things and have them ready. After, we will take you to the Upper Distract, but following that you and your little...playmate will be on your own." The tall and cruelly elegant Mrs. Aurie told her son, who narrowed his eyes, and replied with a as you wish in something hardly more than a hiss.

Mum looked from parents to son, and back again a few times as the silence continued to cut through Zeida's ears like a knife and the tension in the room increased increment by increment. Yuki's arm tightened around her, and he took a step forward, moving toward his parents while making Zeida walk with him. She gulped, not wanting to move any closer to the beautiful but terrifying creatures that were going to become her parents, but she kept her eyes on the floor and allowed Yuki to pull her forward little by little.

Crossing the ten feet across the kitchen and to Yuki's parents seemed to take an eternity, the tension weighing down on Zeida until she though she wouldn't be able to take another step, but just as it built unbearable, it got worse. They walked past the trio standing by the door, and she could feel true hatred emanating from the Nekko parents and shooting deep inside her like daggers. Yuki pulled her out the door, and the second it swung shut behind them, Zeida felt all the tension of just a moment ago simply lift off her shoulders as though it had never been. She released a long, ragged breath she didn't realize she was holding, and felt her body begin to slump slightly in relief. Yuki chuckled coldly next to her, as they continued slowly down the hall, Zeida in the lead now.

"I know, I don't like them either." Yuki told Zeida in his soft, rich voice, cutting through her and erasing any tension that had still remained in Zeida's stomach. She smiled, glad to be rid of it, and felt Yuki's arm tighten around her in a gentle embrace.

"They are pretty scary..." Zeida said quietly, trying not to think of those eyes who had clearly stated that they resented her just moments before, but the golden brown color filled her mind anyways. Yuki smiled a bit again, and grabbed Zeida's arm, bringing it around his waist and pulling her into him more.

"Just a little. But don't worry, you won't be seeing much of them anyways, they're not home very often, and even when they are, they definitely won't be anywhere where they might have to see their failure of a son. They have better things to do than to waste their time on me." Yuki said softly, a slight pain in his voice Zeida knew was him feeling like he was worthless. However, before she had a chance to say even a single word, Yuki looked into her eyes, silencing and erasing all the things she had thought about saying.

"Don't worry about it, Zeida. Let's just get to your room, collect your things, and get them in the carriage so that they can be on their way home, and me and you can get into town and have some fun, okay?" Yuki said softly, all pain erased from his voice and he looked so happy that Zeida couldn't help but smiling up at him and nodding, unwrapping her arm from her waist and stepping out from under his arm so that they were standing side-by-side. She pointed a few doors ahead, the door that led to her room, she informed him.

Upon entering her familiar room, Zeida felt almost over-whelmed at the thought of never having to step foot into this dreary room she had called her own for more than twelve years now. A room that had been her sanctuary, and her cell. She sighed, crossing to her heavily curtained windows and pulled the dense gray fabric that shielded the room from the world outside, letting the harsh mid-day sun stream in. Within ten minutes Zeida and Yuki had cleaned out her dresser and packed the few items she had obtained over her years in this house.

"So...is that everything?" Yuki asked her, looking around for anything that might have possibly been missed. They had Zeida's plain gray dresses and other small nick-naks in a plain brown traveling bag that every person in the house had in hopes of getting adopted. Zeida shook her head, feeling her black mane move from side to side, gently falling across her face. 'Not quite', she muttered before crossing the room to her bed, lifting her pillow and picking up a picture from beneath before walking back over to Yuki.

"Ooh, who's that?" Yuki teased her kindly. "Your boyfriend?" Zeida smiled at him and laughed, a quiet musical sound, as she turned the picture to Yuki, showing a beautiful girl with bright lavender eyes.

"No...it's my mom.

Later that day, after the sun had gone down and everybody had gone inside for the night, Zeida could be found laying on a grand rug in front of a roaring fire, her head resting in Yuki's lap as he watched her sleep. After collecting her thing from her room with Yuki and bringing it to the coach together, she learned that Yuki's parents - her parent's – had gone to adopt her when they had left the dining area at the orphanage, already knowing that she would agree to live with them. Now that was the most unpleasant ride of her life, and she hopes that she won't be spending too much time near them in the future.

It had been a long day for Zeida, after leaving the orphanage with her new family, they had come home only long enough to drop off Zeida's few objects. After that, her and Yuki had gone strait to that fancy apparel store in the upper part of town, getting her measured in every spot she could think of and then a few more. She tried on slacks, and skirts, blouses and vests, dresses and stockings, and even robes and night clothes. They her and Yuki bought so many bags of clothing that they couldn't even carry them all themselves, not that they needed to anyways.

After that, Yuki took Zeida on the rest of the days errands. The next thing they did together after that was go over to the hair lady down the road at what Yuki called a salon, and had her hair cut and washed and dyed different colors so now it was an odd mix of oranges and reds and blacks that reminded Zeida of a fire, though they kept it almost the same style, just a bit shorter. From there, they also got a lot of cosmetic products Zeida had never heard of, but Yuki said he would help her put on the first few weeks or so.

When Yuki had paid for the objects and services they had gotten, they walked down the the less fancier part of town, stopping at a restaurant Yuki said he loved after making Zeida promise not the tell their parents they went there, saying 'they don't approve'. Not that she'd tell them anyways, like she wanted to really talk to them at all. She respected them, and was grateful of them, but she didn't like them at all so far.

From the restaurant, the two of them got a big fish Zeida had never heard of for lunch, which Yuki had called a salmon. After finishing their meal, the two of them just wandered the town, hand-in-hand thanks to Yuki (who said it was a sign of friendship from his home country, and was still in habit of their customs), just sight-seeing and talking the afternoon away. As dusk began to fall, Yuki guided her back to her new home, and brought her into the living room in which she now slept.

Somewhere in the next room a door closed loudly, causing Zeida to stir in her sleep and open her pitch black eyes to gaze sleepily up at Yuki. Just as she started opening her mouth as if to speak, a maid walked into the drawing room, catching Zeida's attention and forcibly pulling it away from Yuki.

The maid stood not much taller than Zeida herself, and was a very plump and stern looking woman, who had the same resentful look as Mr. And Mrs. Aurie, making Zeida immediately dislike her.

"Your room is ready, my dear. If you come along with me, I'll show you how to get there." The maid said in a very crisp manner of speech. Zeida nodded and began to rise from Yuki's lap when he lightly put his hand on her shoulder, shaking his head.

"I'll take her, our rooms are right next to each other, but thank you Matilda." Yuki spoke to the maid named Matilda kindly in his velvety smooth toned voice. Matilda nodded curtly and gave a quick curtsy before backing out of the room through the door from which she had come. Yuki smiled down at Zeida, running his fingers lightly through her hair.

"Don't worry, you can go back to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow. Mum and Dad are starting you at school, and we need to start preparing the house for the party." Yuki murmured down to Zeida in a comforting tone while continuing to play with her hair. She considered asking him about the party he had mentioned, but decided such trivial matters could wait for tomorrow as her eyes slide shut and she suddenly moved from reality to a world of dreams.

The next morning Zeida woke to the sunshine streaming through the window, and a distant clock that sang out it was seven. She tiredly felt around herself after closing her eyes again, the warm light heating the bed she found herself in. She groaned quietly and rolled over, figuring if she fell asleep now, maybe the wondrous dream she has been having would stay. A dream where she had been adopted! 'Can you believe that?' She thought to herself smiling. Adopted... After a minute of laying there thinking about the dream she thought she was in, Zeida found something warm and hard laying next to her. On the verge of falling asleep Zeida snuggled into the object she found next to her. She gasped, her eyes shooting wide open when the thing next to her moved and draped a long pale arm around her tiny waist.

Zeida tensed, ready to shoot right up out of bed when the person next to her opened his ice-like eyes, half hidden behind a mane of thick jet black hair, to stare intently into her midnight black ones. Yuki tightened his arm reassuringly around her waist, pulling her closer to him and smiled sleepily at her as her eyes went from panicked to relaxed. After she managed to relax all her muscles again, Yuki kissed her forehead, chuckling lightly.

"It's all right, Zeida." He breathed, so close to her ear she could feel her fair fluter from his breath. "It's just me. Now go back to sleep, I already spoke with Mother and Father, and you won't be disturbed. Just rest..." He went on sleepily, kissing the tip of her nose after he finished speaking. Zeida smiled, warmed by the kindness in his eyes as she nodded, snuggling into his chest despite her slight discomfort, knowing Yuki would like it. Yuki pulled Zeida's head under the crook of his neck and she smiled broader, breathing in his sweet scent and fell asleep listening to the steady beat of his heart, and the lull of his purr hoping none of this were a dream.