I just walked into what felt like a wall – I swear it wasn't there yesterday.

"Are you ok?"

"Did I just walk into a wall?"

Someone chuckled, "No just me."

I opened my eyes, "Please watch where you're going next time... F it's you!"


"I'm nicer than you."

"And how do you figure that?"

"I don't try to kill innocent people."

"You just walked into me!"

"You're a jock!"


"Jock, jerk, idiot they all mean the same thing."

"And you're nicer than me?"

"Yep, cos when I say nasty things they're true."

"Sure. Are you certain you're ok?"

"I just walked into a wall – what do you think?! Anyway I gotta go, the bells about to go."

"We have lunch next."


"So you can stay and talk to me."


"Why not?"


Ok, weirdest convo ever – including the convo.s I've had with myself...

"Reinne, sweety, what are you thinking?"

"Elizabeth, how are you darling?"

"Someday I will kill you."

"But why? If you're allowed to call me by my full name surely I can use yours."

She just shuddered.

I sighed and leaned on a wall. "A walking wall just walked into me."

The only response I got was El's laughter. "Explain," she choked out.

"A jock – I think his names Nat...Nate maybe – well anyway he walked into me and now my head hurts!"

"Nate Blackly? Are you serious? He's sex in man form!"

Is sympathy too much to ask for? "He's a jock! What have you done with my friend?"

"Yeah, but he's hot!"

I felt an arm sneak its way around my waist. I dug my elbow into the guy's (well I'm hoping it's a guy) stomach...hardish...maybe I have a few violent tendencies...

"Keep your hands to yourself."

My school is full of desperate guys.

"Nate! OMG are you ok?" Oh shit; I turned and sure enough Nate was lying on the ground, his hands over his stomach.

"Next time don't try to grope me and I won't hurt you." Maybe I glared a little...

"You did not just say that to Nate did you?"

Blonde, short skirt, ditzy looking...cheerleader. "never Amber, would I do such a thing?"

She looked confused. "Who were you taking to then?"

I gave a little grin to El (we have...had fun...with some cheerleaders before – you just have to know which ones to mess with) and turned back to Amber. "I didn't say anything." I opened my eyes wide and gave her an innocent look. "Are you sure you're not hearing things?"

Amber started backing away looking worried. "Um ... I have to go ... call my Mum!" The last bit was a wail as she tottered off on her high heels. El and I were too busy laughing to care.

"Can you give me a hand up?" We both stopped laughing and looked at him – me with a 'Leave-me-alone!!' look while El's was more of a 'You-are-sooo-hot!'

"El snap out of it." Turning to Nate I said, "I meant what I said; don't touch me again, capesh?"

He just lay there with a shocked look on his face while I (tried to) drag El to my locker.

Nate P.O.V.

"I was only saying hi!" I managed to wheeze out.

She turned. "Sure... you've said hi, anything else?"

"What?" I spluttered. "I'm the hottest guy in our year...maybe the school and you ask if there's anything else?"

"You're arrogant, pigheaded, a JOCK and... do you even know my name?"

"Maybe..." Should I have said yes?

"You don't even know my name and you try to feel me up!"

"Reinne Charlotte McKay"

"Ok... two things – how?"

I thought for a better answer than the truth. "Yearbook?"

"That was a half answer...but ok – how did you know how to pronounce my last name? No one ever says it right first time!"

"Aaron told me..."

She put her face in her hands. "Why – when he has almost left school must someone find out?"

I just looked at her confused.

"I don't like people wanting to hang out with me because I have a popular older half-brother ok? How much or what do you want to keep your mouth shut?" She gave me a look. "Nothing to do with my body though, you sexist pig."

"3 dates"

"No way!"

"Do you want me to tell?"


"You're agreeing?" I was surprised. "At least 2 dates."

She sighed. "As long as no one from school finds out or sees us."

"Friday night – I'll pick you up at 7."

"You have you licence?"

"Yeah, I spent a year travelling when I was a kid – had to redo year 2."

"Didn't ask for your life story... I'm gonna write my will tonight..."

"Wait," I called out.

She turned around. "What?"

"If you're leaving shouldn't you at least say goodbye?"

"No," she looked at me as if I was stupid. "Why would I share pleasantries with my blackmailer?"

With that she turned on her heel and walked away

Now I had two problems – what to do on Friday and how to tell Aaron that I was taking his baby sister on a date without dying... maybe that was why phones were invented...

3rd person P.O.V.

"I wouldn't have done it if I thought you hadn't wanted to!"

"As if me yelling no wouldn't have given you that idea!!" Reinne's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"That's it!" yelled Aaron who had been eaves-dropping. He punched Nate a couple of times before a voice boomed. "Aaron James Crosby-McKay! Stop that this instance."

Aaron looked almost...pleading?

"What have I told you about interrupting conversations? AND about hitting people?"

Aaron glared at his little sister, "You hit!" he cried sullenly.

"Yes, but do I go round hitting your friends?"

"He ... he ... what did he do?"

"He took me to La Rosa's."

Aaron started laughing, "Should have warned you about that."

Neither was listening, as Rei had crouched over Nate, checking to make sure he was ok, and then helped him up.

He had his arms around her and they were just standing there.

Aaron was just about to step closer when Rei spoke...well it was more of a yell, "DON'T YOU TAKE ONE STEP CLOSER!"

"Ok" Aaron squeaked.

"Man – she owns you!"

"Just wait – she'll own you too soon...if she doesn't already."

"Maybe I like being owned" Nate said, as he leaned down to kiss her.

She pulled back and clipped him over the back of the head and pulled him down. Just before she kissed him she said, "Aaron – go away."

"Just remember – if hurt her at all you're gonna die and I'm not even going to have to lay a finger on you!"