Curse me stop
But I cannot stumble
My peoples expectations on me
So I cannot crumble
Your ways are not my ways
Nor your thoughts my thoughts
Or your views my views
Let me muse
You see?
I cannot believe
You don't have my righteous ways
I'm a Mormon now
No more will I keep hurtin' now
I'm on my knees beggin' now
Forgiveness is the only way
Everything in moderation
Look at it sweep through the nation
No caffeine, no drugs, no women
Been clean for three whole days and I'm jumpin'
You cant stop me now
My morals are holding now
Satan cant drive me down
I'm invincible now!

I'll make my and you will see

This is the only way

I can be

Falling down inside

My second chance at life

Will be thru this

Eternal bliss

Sealed to you make me happy

You make me smile

Make me

Me now again

The poet inside and
The choruses above
Combined together to make
Testimonials of love
Yes I actually have a
And I quote
JS is my hero
And JC is my big bro
So as I make these
Words and sound collide
To form hymnals
So as I look back and see
I'm actually glade I've come to be
Come to see the light
Its never ending rays
Shinning down on me
And you will see

This was how I was meant to be

Falling Down In Side

MY Second Chance at Life

WILL BE Thru this