Author's Note: I've been sitting in my English class bored to tears, so I made a poem from my second main character's point of view in my story, Lost in Time. This poem is based off an event that happens around the middle of the story. If you would like to know what event was that lead to this poem just email me. I hope you all enjoy it.

Silent Place

It's been awhile since I've been in this nostalgic place

Here, there is no color, no air, nor any hope

But when you are with me, somehow I remain sane

I am stronger than I was back then

For now, I know what it's like outside of these ashen walls

When we traveled side by side

But I let you fall into a deep sea where I could not follow

This utter silence is what I dread

Without you with me, I've returned to the place we escaped

Alone, I can wait for you to return

Hoping you can find me within the mirrors of our past

Even though I see no hope,

Everyday, I will call out your name just incase you're listening

But I'm afraid you can no longer hear me

-Azure Delaqua