Your love has ripped my heart
'cause of the bleeding
I've become an imago...
it doesn't hurt as you think.

Now I hesitate
about being here
I mean is it
where I want to be?
thousands of realities
made by the fantasy
I'm here, I'm not here
it's my drama of everyday
too real for me.

I feel intimidated
it seems everybody knows
what to do but me
and it's so embarrasing
are you laughing at me
or laughing with me?

In the dock
how can I tell you a tale
if you haven't told me one?
I look at you, you smile at me
(it's imagination)
you remind me of the person
I wouldn't like to be.

You're a sweet breeze
caressing my face
and I spend hours wondering
how real you are
how unreal I am.

Painful memories
like a chewing gum
stuck on me
I'm shedding my skin
not looking for a change
but improving.

I feel intimidated
you want me to do too much stuffs
when I was a lonely larva
I heard it through the door
my innocence leaving me
on the tip of my tongue
I bite every word and it sounds silly.

It makes no difference to me
if you win prizes or if you're
on the cover of my favorite magazine
it's still too early to sing your praises
instead of telling me what you've got
tell me what you're missing.

I'm planing to take flight
the strategy is hide myself
even if I want to be here
and try it..