Onions made me cry

Metaphorical Cooking 101

Onions make me cry.

Little flaking layers

Peeling away from

Each other,

Sending their pain

At being torn apart

Into the air

As tiny droplets

Of sulphuric acid.

(Tiny tears invented to

Seek and destroy.)

I like to think

That I'm sympathizing

With them,

Feeling what they feel

When I add my own

Little pinches of

Water and salt

To their funeral…

I'm willing to fight

With Chemistry;

Ensure that it's

Humanity that

Makes me feel,

Humanity that

Makes my eyes sting.

…Poor onions;

There are too many

Vegetarians in

The world for

Them to stand

A chance.

(It's my only way

Of reminding myself

To feel.)