Snow falling, catching in my angel's auburn curls.
( a recreation of today in verse. )

Snow starts to fall early in the morning
but we pay it no mind, wishing for
(but secretly doubting)
an early release from hell.
(Which seems to be freezing over.)
(On the last day of March.)
The announcement finally came
confirming or dismissal.
I decided to ride the bus home
knowing the wait would add a few more minutes
to our time together,
even if it meant 30 minutes
on bad roads
in a bus full of annoying kids.
(I'd endure hours of torment just to know
that I'd be able to run up
and hug him before he sees me coming.)
He didn't have his jacket so I gave him my
(brand new)
hoodie–would you let your baby walk up his
driveway in a t-shirt in the snow?
The snow started to catch in his auburn curls.
(He just looked so damn cute.)
I hugged him tightly
and my feet lifted off the snow-covered sidewalk.
I started to walk away,
heading towards my bus,
but he pulled me back to kiss me in
the swirling snow.