sometime between late-october and early-november of 2007, i
discovered a black hole.

sometime between 3:15 am and 3:45 am on november 16th, 2007,
i threw myself into this black hole.

i can feel myself aging...
i show no signs of deterioration.

i can't swallow the pills i need in order to fix this,
thus becoming a liability.

(for fucksake, danielle.)

tunnel vision. looking-glass syndrome. nightmare art.
i feel there is a trend i should be following;

the skeletons in my closet are hand-crafted from the
finest china...

sometime during the course of march 31st, 2008, i
emerged from this black hole -

completely changed.

and sometime between hello and good-bye, you
didn't even notice i was gone.

i envy your ignorance.
i hear it's bliss.

do not call me danielle.