Its been a while since I've stood here

Its been a while since I've stood here

Stood here, And just stared.

This steamy mirror looks like it is crying

& the air is muggy with shampoo and sweat.

My scars show red against milky white

Brown & Jagged, New & Old

Layer over layer of

Self destructive healing.

This is ridiculous.

This is pathetic.

I am too skinny, with bony wrists &

Shoulder blades like an etch n sketch…

Straight lines, only not erasable.

My right side is almost pure.

Just a thin line here or there &

If I'm angled right, I can be innocent,


I turn, and I become



So many cracks.

And staring at them,

it crosses my mind that

a vase with this many cracks

would have already broken.