Isilthrar and Alkain could not believe their eyes. Adam was standing completely emerged in darkness, even his hair was shining with power. Every tiny irrelevant detail of him was black.

Adam felt a rush of power flood over him, he felt like he had been given the very core of a planet mixed with his own power.- wait he just had-.

Masalfa's eyes began to flutter weakly. They had done it, not in the way he was hoping for, all they really had come down for was too make sure that the guardians had all vanished. Instead the little old lady seemed to want to completely destroy the guardian. The only fight they were meant to be bracing themselves for was the fight of the rebellious guardians.

As Masalfa looked upward, he found everything was pitch black, raising his hand he sent a shot of light t illuminate the room. However, it seemed to have failed to illuminate the part of the room which was where a figure was standing. Before the figure Isilthrar and Alkain lay at his feet.

"Reveal yourself to the lord of the wizards. I Masalfa of light order you!" Masalfa roared, however to Isilthrar it sounded a little feeble. Compared to the almighty figure that stood in front of them.

Adam's voice seemed to contain more than power, but it also contained intelligence. " Of course, brother, it is I Adam. We have completed our mission and the guardians are no longer going to trouble the world of Lamitakah again. To ensure that nobody else got the crystal, I have bonded with it."

Masalfa, felt a sharp surge of fear running down his spine. He couldn't believe what Adam had just said. He had been getting on with him really well. But now that had all changed. Adam felt a huge emotion build up inside him. He was feeling hatred towards Masalfa, an unexplained hatred.

" Adam, I warned you not to bond with the stone, it could kill you. Do you not heed my advice! Adam, it is not your time to die. Take the stone off, before you destroy everything you have ever loved or cared about." Masalfa's voice had a tone of pleading, which did not go unrecognised.

A mirthless laugh fell from Adam's lips, he found it funny. He was now the most powerful wizard throughout the whole world of Lamitakah. Typical, was the only thought that race through his mind.

" Masalfa, typical of you. I am more powerful than you and you just want me to take it away. You were always jealous of me, you have always wanted to thrawt my great plans. The plan of taking Isilthrar's castle, and you stopped me. I needed that castle to act as a home for all the new wizards that were going to arrive." Adam's voice had turned angry, maelstrom even. The walls began to shudder and crack through Adam's channelled energy.

Isilthrar, couldn't stand it any more. She roared with anger, leapt up and unsheathed her sword. Raising it high in the air she was about to bring I t crashing down stopped only by a memory.

"My dear Isilthrar, your ancestors would be proud of you to aid those whom they would approve.-" Isilthrar stopped midway and turned around looking in Masalfa's direction.

Alkain yelled Isilthrar's name loudly, he couldn't believe she had just joined Adam. Alkain raised his own bow and arrow taking aim, but something wandered inside his mind

I'm going to paint a perfect picture,

A world of make believe,

Where me and my loved one,

Can live in harmony

The years shall pass by,

The children smile and play with their toys,

Whilst mother grows happy,

No more pain but just happiness,

A world I'd like to see.

Alkain dropped his weapon, he walked over to Adam's side. Masalfa, felt a rush of pain.

He had no choice Adam stood their leering, ad the only thing he could say was:


A flash of light, Alkain collapsed to the ground. Unfortunately for Adam he was still inside their minds. A huge wave of pain rushed over to Adam and attacked him. Isilthrar collapsed onto the ground next.

Adam smashed to the ground. He was going to resist. Then a boom the door flew open, In came. No it couldn't be. In came Lamantod, Adam's wife. She saw him and walked over.

"Drop the crystal" She said Adam threw the crystal from his staff into Lamitakah.

Adam rushed over to her. Ready to embrace her, but she had vanished.

"I am sorry, but she was an illusion."

Adam couldn't believe it. His wife and Cralen's mother, was dead and his own brother had tricked him.

" I hate you!" Adam whispered, then he vanished