A normal day for me and Debbi was to kill some demons and pretend to be normal humans, which we were far from. I guess I should introduce myself. Heather Hunter, it's really weird since my last name explains my job. I hunt down demons in the city and kill them. I was hired by the vampires years ago after my, well, my accident.

Since, my best friend Debbi is a vampire and I'm getting paid well I accepted the job. I'm different from most humans because of my accident. I have heightened senses and I'm pretty good at doging and fighting supernatural things.

Debbi, my sidekick slash best friend slash vampire girl, is really small...which means she always gets caught and I save her butt constantly. Though I have to say she isn't that bad when it comes to helping me out. She is mostly there to heal any humans that were harmed in our fights and to change their memories that way they new nothing of the attack.

Her bright golden brown hair was shoulder length and normally worn in a ponytail. Her dark brown eyes were so close to black it scared even me sometimes. Though her eyes were what I loved about her, they could stare deep into a person's soul and tell just about everything about them. She was good at reading humans, one reason she hasn't found a mate.

I on the other hand didn't deal with humans. They were no use to me, so why should I care about the flawed race that no one could fix. The fast moving city we lived in wasn't any better than the humans themselves. The buildings were old some look like they were ready to collapse while others were new and perfect.

Me and Debbi share an apartment near the center of the city so the we can easily get outta the house and quickly to any site of a demon attack. I guess i should explain the reason demons were attacking the humans, and why the vampires even have the heart to save them.

There is another world hidden in the earth. One where supernatural beings fight for control and it's normally a fight between the demons and vampires for power. The demons want the earth without humans to kill of the vampires since they need them to sustain their life. They only feed on a human once a week or so, and it's not like they always killed their pray.

The vampires protect the humans because other than for food, the vampires really don't care about them. Vampires are seen as arrogent because of movies. That's a total myth. another myth is that by one bite a vampire changes a person. Vampires can change humans but only if the human excepts the change and the vampire wants to do it in the first place. Than their is my veiw of humans, I could really careless. Though I do hate them, I don't care as long as I'm fed and getting paid I'm fine. So, enough with introductions, where was I. Oh yeah.


It was a normal day of me and Debbi getting a page saying there was another demon attack. As my phone rang, I jumped out of bed noticing the time 6:52 pm. They always start as quickly as possible when they plan attacks, I thought to myself. I changed into real clothes and out of my pj's kicking Debbi to wake her up. I noticed her fangs were partially sticking out which means we had to go to the bar later. I rolled my eyes.

"Get up Deb..." I yelled as I pulled my jeans up and throwing my belt around it. I grabbed my back pack with the normal arsonal of weapons. Guns, knives, and even a few stakes just in case the occasional vampire who helped out demons showed up. Debbi, well, debbi had herself. she could kick ass if she wanted to.

"DEBBI!!" I screamed waking her up as she fell off the bed.

"What was that for?"

"Uh I don't know just a demon attack you IDIOT now lets go and grab pants from the closet you can atleast changed when we get there." I ran outside as Debbi followed me. She slide across the hood of my new car to get to the passenger side, "why do you do that," I asked as we got in.

She didn't answer as we drove off in the direction of the attack. I auomatically had the attack location maped out on my gps. You can't get this for cheap off of the dark market, which reminds me I need to stop by and get some more of those silver collars. We have been running into alot of warewolves lately. While I was driving I was throwing on my normal belts and holsters which held everything. Debbi was half asleep as she was throwing on her pants. The back streets were deserted as we quickly sped through, barely getting to the humans in time. I quickly stopped the car as I grab my favorite gun out of the holster on the side of my leg and shot at the demons head. By the way demons can reform but not it you hit a vital organ, normally the heart or brain.

I barely missed as the demon created a portal to get to the other world. "Damn," I cursed as I threw my gun back into it's place on my leg and grabbed a knife quickly trowing it hitting the one dead center between his eyes. He quickly became ashes and they fell to the ground as the humans he was holding fell and possibly broke atleast one out of the two necks. I looked at Debbi who ran to the human's aid as I turned to the last demon. He lunged foreward almost punching me. I grabbed his arm and threw him across the street hitting the building and falling face first onto the pavement. The brick of the building was indented and the demon quickly got to his feet. I went to grab another knife from my belt, but just than the demon jumped through the transport portal made by the first.

"Shit," I cursed as I put the knife back where it was. I looked to see the potal was gone and that Debbi was finishing up their healing process and clearing their memories. I sighed and moved closer to Debbi wishing this job would be over soon.