Title: SOS!

Summary: Two castaways crash-land on an unknown island. They soon realize they're not alone, as they encounter an array of odd characters. They dodge danger and try to find a way home on this out-of-the-ordinary island, and come to the conclusion that home is where the heart is. Two castaways, one crazy island.

Targeted Audience: Children (Grades preschool through fifth)

Cast of Characters:

Melrose: She's the brains. She's thoughtful and a quick thinker.

Raphaelle: The diva. He's vain and obsessed with fame. He has no courage, though overtime he becomes a braver, kinder person.

Tree Teddy: He/She's the sensitive tree. He/She talks in a light, girlish tone.

Tree Freddy: He/She's the tough tree. He keeps the other trees in check, though being in the middle means he's constantly annoyed be the both of them. May have a mobster accent.

Tree Karl: He has trouble thinking things through. He talks slowly and in a deep voice.

Monsieur Le Petit Cheval: A French-Canadian painter. He has a French accent. He had lost love in Canada, and when she disappeared, he swam to look for her, ending up on the island. He has an outrageous French outfit, with mustache, beret and all.

See-No-Evil Monkey: Blind Monkey. Wears glasses, loves to socialize, is very clumsy.

Hear-No-Evil Monkey: Deaf Monkey. Wears large headphones. Very spacey, walks in and out of conversations, plays with everything he/she finds, the troublemaker of the monkeys.

Speak-No-Evil Monkey: Mute Monkey. Wears glasses and reads a lot, protective and wise, she keeps the other monkeys out of trouble.

Peg Leg Bertha: She believes she is a pirate. She has the typical eye patch and pirate ensemble. Although she has two completely working leg and healthy legs, she taped a piece of wood to one of her legs. She's paranoid and thinks everyone is after he treasure and spying on her. Miscellaneous characters throw things at her.

Minion 1: The voice of reason. How he/she ended up following Peg Leg Bertha around: we may never know. Maintains similar posture and appearance as Frankenstein's Igor.

Minion 2: The voice of no reason. How he/she ended up following Peg Leg Bertha around: isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Maintains similar posture and appearance as Frankenstein's Igor.

Minion 3: Never talks, just nods and agrees. Mimics Peg Leg Bertha's every movement. Maintains similar posture and appearance as Frankenstein's Igor.

Sailors: From a ship far, far away! They can either be male or female, wear the stereotypical sailor garbs. They aren't all too bright. They don't really care who they bring back home, even if it's Bertha!

Village Girls: Loyal fans of Raphaelle. They help introduce the story.

Villagers: Can have face paint on, wear flowers or tribal jewelry. They wear flip-flops and brightly colored clothes. The villagers are a happy people and welcome everyone to their island. They are terrified of Bertha.

Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood: Fairytale characters rejected by the writer.

Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones: Adventure characters rejected by the writer.

Dr. Acula: Group therapist helping the rejected characters cope with their pain. Talks like Dracula.