Let's indulge on a panoramic view of the mountains
and chase goblins from shadows beneath concrete bridges.
Stay near the centerline, my love,
for there is no guardrail and we could not survive the fall.
Oceanic birds wheel on gilded wings, their songs louder
than the music from the dashboard, but keep your eyes on the road.
Do not slow or yield; home is far away
and the asphalt is turning to gravel.
Let's indulge on red licorice strings, connecting our cherry-red lips.
Let's indulge on leather, fingerless driving gloves.
Let's indulge on an inaccurate roadmap where north points down
and south motions to the stars.
Take me far from home to a land where u-turns are illegal
and speed limits are nonexistent.
But mind the cliffs, my love, for I cannot afford another ticket
and you've been drinking again.
We're both intoxicated and I have often wondered why
they don't have a sobriety test for love.