Blue and Red Make Violet
By Carter Quetzi Tachikawa

Blue and red make violet. Violet's a pretty color.
Violet's the last color in the rainbow.
Red's also a pretty color.
Strawberries, roses, and hearts are red.
Like red and violet, blue's pretty too
The sky is blue. Blueberries are blue.
Red. Blue. Violet. All pretty colors on when they're on their own.
But when you mix them all together, you don't get a pretty color.
It's a nasty, gross brown color. You don't like nasty, gross stuff.
You don't like red, blue, and violet together. Only separated.
You don't like seeing us together. Separated is better.
We're the red and blue you're afraid of mixing.
You think you're going to get brown. You don't like brown.
That's why you want to keep red and blue apart.
That's why you don't want them to mix.
But you forgot. Blue and red make violet.
Violet is just a synonym for love.

It's actually about an interracial relationship and when people don't approve of it. I'm not intending to make this icky. Still, I rated it PG-13 to be safe. R & R. Carter
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