The air in the classroom felt cold. Not air conditioner cold, but spine-tingling cold. I look up from the desk that I was sitting at and noticed that the teacher, a man, had sat down at his desk. He was around the age of 27 with black hair and blue eyes. He seemed to smirk, but that was just the way his lips were positioned. I watched as he pulled himself put to his desk in his rolling chair where he stacked papers and drunk his coffee. He didn't look like was going to speak anytime soon with the way he was arranging his desk, but he did. "What are you doing in here?" His voice seemed to question my ability to make my own decisions.

"I am waiting for class to start." I replied. I tried to make my voice as blank and annoying as possible.

"Class doesn't start for another twenty minutes." He tried to sound smart, but it didn't work and he still hadn't looked up at me.

"I know. Is it illegal for me to come in here and sit down?"

"No, but why don't you try being a normal college freshman and hangout with friends?" Finally, he tipped his head to stare at the person that was questioning his authority.

"I am." I replied. He seemed puzzled, proving that he wasn't as smart as he looked. He finally gave up and smiled. A really cute half smile, that made me shiver. Yuck! I was "shivering" over my 27 year-old teacher! I looked at his face really hard. It wasn't that he was not cute. He was just older than me by seven years. Now that I was really paying attention to his facial features, I noticed that he had a strong chin with 5 o'clock shadow running along his jaw-line. His hair was a soft black that was shaved, but still long enough to spike with the ruffle of his hand. His eyes were a deep pool of blue. They seemed to sink right into your soul and take a hold of you.

"My name is Ava Larson." I kind of whispered when he asked my name. I kind of blushed, but not really. Okay, I really did blush...just like I was his bitch.

"Well, I am Ben Cross." He smiled...again. I looked the crooked school-boy smile in deeper context. The smiled seemed to say that he was still a party animal. He still liked going out to night clubs. And he still got laid by 19 year-olds. I breathed in sharply. His lips faded from a smile into a frown and I saw another side of him. When he was frowning he seemed to represent a premenstrual woman - meaning he had a feminine side.

"Do you want to go out for coffee for twenty minutes?" He asked looking into his empty Starbucks cup. I shrugged and got up. He went into the backroom and grabbed his coat.

"Where are we going?" I asked stupidly. Duh, Starbucks! I nearly slapped my forehead. Ben laughed.

"Are you sure you're a college student?" He chortled as he opened the door for me. I blushed and walked through the door. The door to my classroom. The door that lead me to the man that I would probably marry because I was a sick student that fell in love with men seven years older than me. I was sick and wrong. I was his student for crying out loud! I was going to hell.