Not Drowning

The famous bust of Nefertiti
Gazes with stone eyes
At this garden of Eden
Of jacaranda and birds of paradise
And calla lilies and chrysanthemums

She witnessed betrayal and deceit
As she gazed with stone eyes
While under the jacaranda tree
The fragments of what was once trust and love
Lay shimmering in a sun blocked by rain clouds

And in the immortal words of a dead man
"Et tu Brute?"is all I can ask
- the bust of Nefertiti staring with stone eyes -
As a dagger, its edge sharpened by fallacies and unspoken thoughts,
Is held above my guilty conscience

Tears and apologies - did they really mean anything? - hang in the air
Like the dagger once suspended above me
All witnessed by blank stone eyes
And the soft sound of scribbling apology notes
Distract from the distant cry of the gulls

The roar of the tide takes me away
From the garden guarded by stone eyes
And like the sand I am carried away
Not drowning - But breathing - At last