Full Circle


It was autumn and I'd

play pretend in a pile of leaves.


go on adventures of monsters and knights.

It was september and I'd

walk with him through the rainbow woods

and I'd

hold his hand when the evening came.

It was October and I'd

roll laughing down a hill at twilight


play games of tag and call, "Catch me catch me!"

It was November and I'd

have nothing to say as we meandered together

and I'd

play a lonelier game of pretend.

Now it's Spring and I

stand alone on a rainy sidewalk

and I

never talk to him anymore.

It's nearing April and I

avoid his calls with hollow excuses

and I

stare out my window at a thunderstorm.

It's soon to be summer and I

I am afraid.

It's almost August and I'll

start all over.