This is dedicated to Jewria. And you probably know why if you've read my story, Loved or Loathed? I am not emo, I am very, VERY happy. Not many people like me. I'm just so good at writing love or sad poetry that I surprise even me. Well, hope you like it!

Three Little Words

I smiled at you like the child I am,

But you just stood there and stared at him.

You like him, that's pretty much all I knew,

But why did he like her and not you?

You say it's fine, that you mind,

I just don't believe it's the truth.

He walks, talks, flirts with her,

Can't he see that you are hurt?

You look at him with an aching heart,

And somehow manage to be apart.

You're tougher than me, that's for sure,

I know that you really hate her.

You loved, you hoped, you laughed, you cried,

At times you felt hate and despise.

How could he be so freakin blind?

You were with him all the time!

He only sees who he wants to,

That's the problem, he can't see you.

I don't know what you're feeling, and I'm sorry that you are,

I just think it's my fault that you two are apart.

I feel like I'm keeping you all to myself, taking you away,

Even though you are my friend, you do not have to stay.

I ask you to tell him, but you refuse,

Above all things, why's this so hard to do?

Three little words, just three little words are all you have to say,

So why's it so difficult to speak to him anyway?

You walk up to him and look him in the eyes,

Then you speak those three little words that have been dying to come outside.

You look at me, then at him,

And I put on a childish grin.