1. First kiss (x)
Kisses better (x)
Kissing a best friend
Hidden kiss
Kissing an enemy
Clumsy kiss
Truth or dare kiss
Forbidden kiss
Kiss goodnight
Kiss goodbye
"You may now kiss the bride." (wedding)
Kiss in the rain. (x)
Make-up kiss (after a fight) (x)
Drunk kiss (x)
Kiss that leads to more…
Break-up kiss
Surprise kiss (x)
Dream-come-true kiss
19. (sub-theme) Eskimo kisses
20. (sub-theme) Butterfly kisses
Kiss of death
22. Kiss in the dark
23. Kissing while arguing
24. Really chlicé French kiss
Random but sweet kisses (x)
Emotional kisses (x)

a.n. i'm so sorry that it's taken so long for me to upload. i hope that you enjoy this Emotional Kiss.



The sound of waves crashing against the shore sets an easy rhythm as we walk down the roughly set-out path that leads to the beach. We round the dunes to find the picturesque stretch of shore-line deserted, the moon casting shadows over the trails of footprints lining the sand from the numerous tourists that visited earlier today, when the sun was shining brightly. I stop and lean on a post to take off my shoes. I watch as you do the same. The whole time we remain silent; I think you understand as well as I do that the feelings between us now would just be ruined if we tried to put them into words.

Holding our shoes, we begin to walk slowly along, just above the point where the waves lap the shore. Our footprints shadow us, the two sets going symmetrically along the sand, side by side, never intersecting. I turn my head to ask why you agreed to leave the party and come here with me, but I'm struck speechless when I see how the moonlight has cast half of your features into shadow and detailed the other half beautifully, when I see how gorgeous your curls appears in the dim glow, how soft your lips look…

"You wanna swim?" I see more than hear the words as you say them. They're blue, green and purple, with black in the middle, and at first I think that you've said them jokingly. But then I look up into your eyes and it becomes clear that you're perfectly serious.

I want to, but I can't go swimming. No way. Not with just you, not now, under the cover of darkness. Not in that water, which is so cold that I'll cling to you for warmth as the waves carry us along. I can't let you get under my skin like that. I just can't. "We don't have any bathers," I offer lamely.

"You're wearing underwear, aren't you?" You're facing me now, staring me down with those bright, bright blue eyes…

I nod slowly. I'm not sure what part exactly I'm agreeing to. All I know is that I trust you, and I've gone on less than that before.

I decide that it's better if I undress while you are, and quickly duck into the water before you have a chance to see me. So as soon as you start lifting up your top I slide out of my dress, my beautiful, beautiful dress, and throw it further up onto the shore, where the tide won't get it wet. I run straight into the water and the cold sends my body into shock, so that I'm frozen for a few moments, feeling the icy waves zap every inch of warmth out of me as they collide with my fragile body.

I watch as you step out of your pants and I can't help but stare at your muscles as you jog into the water. "Fuck!" You stop and tense up, waiting for your body to adjust to the sudden drop in temperature. It takes a few seconds, but then you slowly start wading towards me.

My brain tells me to swim away, paddle back a bit, don't let you touch me; because once you do I'll be gone, and there'll be no turning back then, I just know it. My body's disconnected though, and I don't move. I'm being knocked around by the breaking waves, but really I'm floating up in the beams of moonlight, watching from a bird's-eye-view as you swim closer. I can't let you get too close; if you do, you'll notice that I'm empty, you'll look into my eyes and see nothing, you'll figure out how I survive. I can't move though, I just can't. So you reach me, and we float in the freezing water, nearly touching, but not quite.

There are so many words threatening to spill forth from my blue lips, so many things that I should say to you, and yet I can't form a single coherent sentence. My body is numb and I think I'm moving my legs but I can't tell, but I must be because otherwise I wouldn't be able to stay afloat like I am.

A particularly large wave comes and I'm knocked forward into your arms. I'm wrenched back into my body and suddenly I can feel again – I can feel your abs under my hands, your arms embracing me and, as impossible as it seems, I can feel a mild sensation of heat in the places where our bare skin touches. "We'll keep warmer if we stay like this," you tell me, and your lips brush my cheek.

I can hear my heart thudding over my chattering teeth and I'm so scared that you can hear it too. "Body-heat," I mutter, distracted by the feeling of your hand slipping lower and lower down my back.

"Yeah," your voice is quiet, barely audible over the sound of waves crashing around us. You keep letting your hand slide lower down my back, and I don't stop you. And then your hand is underneath me, holding me up, closer to you, and my breath has caught in my throat.

I gaze up at you from underneath my dripping eyelashes, and you stare back at me. Neither of us say anything more, but I can feel your hand moving slightly, moving very precariously. I blink, and you stop in your tracks. We both know very well that I've been here before, many times… But I think that we both sense that this time, with you and with real me, is different. The waves slow down and we're floating, floating, floating gently in the dark ocean. You're holding me up and I feel completely one-hundred-percent weightless in this moment.

"Look out!" You say suddenly, and I turn my head to see a large wave looming down on us. I duck my head and press my cheek against yours as you pull us under the waves. My eyes are closed tightly and everything is silent as we're knocked back towards the shore, but your grip around me doesn't loosen even in the slightest.

When we surface again I gasp for air, using both of my hands to brush my hair and the salt water back off my face. I blink my eyes open and you shake your head, so that droplets of water sprinkle onto me. I find myself laughing, without even thinking about it. I'm laughing, loudly and freely, and I don't even have to try. You start laughing too, and I rest my forehead against yours gently. I can feel your breath, still warm, blowing against my frozen lips and I think that I should kiss you.

I should kiss you, and it should be beautiful and brilliant and –

My thoughts are stopped in their tracks as you beat me to it, pressing your lips against me and kissing me so passionately that it makes my head spin. I can't feel the water, I can't feel my limbs, but I can feel your lips. They're soft and warm and they make me feel utterly amazing.

You pull back, and I realise that I'm almost gasping for breath. You smile at me, your beautiful blue eyes crinkling in the corners. I smile back, pushing your damp hair back off your forehead before kissing you again, and again, and again.

Until another wave comes and you pull me under the surface so that I have to squeeze my eyes and mouth shut, so that I can't see and can hardly breathe when we surface again. "I think it's time we go back to the party," you say quietly.

I nod, and you carry me out of the water, cradling my fragile body against your strong, broad chest with ease. And even though you can see me and feel me and I am completely and utterly vulnerable to you, I don't even care. Because I trust you.