And the World Stands Still

In the mundane banality of my post-freedom reality
The world stands still
In the silent non-mentality of this violent faux-neutrality
The world stands still

I see the end in your eyes
Armageddon on your lips
Failed transcendence in the lies
Distraction in your hips

I feel you words as they tear me apart
I feel your fingers trace the scars
And yet somehow I submit

In the tempest of a thousand deaths
Those I can see alone
I let you drag me to your depths
I let you set the tone
In this your solemn self-awareness
In this your chosen unpreparedness
In this your tragic cosmic fairness
I submit

I see the wave rushing violently towards the shore
I see futility in every act I'm working for
I let the ocean crash over me and swallow me whole
In this serenity I'm finally welcomed back in to the fold

As this shatters around me
I propound to do nothing
As the sound's dissipating
comforts me to sleep

Let silence be, my love