15 students had been going through good years together. They consider themselves lucky because they were never separated by the school administrators. Since primaries, 15 students are bonded by each other irrespective to gender. Of course, there are times when things get worse and will start to fight over but by any means, problems were always solved at the end by intelligence.

Being the school's richest ranking in terms of class was never easy. Well, consider that you have 15 rich students in a class and any of the activities that are being run by the school and you got students buzzing any one of them for sponsors. Some agreed to sponsor but not all. There were a few who nags but never seem to make a big issue about it. I mean, it's just a small amount. Not much compared to what they had spent on.

The school had a population of 6000, includes the teachers, non-teaching staffs and students. There were more than 100 classes ranging from primary to secondary. This huge school is the only school that accepts the best of the students in academics, as well as those who are excellent in discipline regardless from where they lived, within the country or somewhere across the oceans. Those were only the 2 criteria to enter. Hostels are provided to those who live far but with a cost.

Class 15 is the class where the 15 students were since the first day they step into this school randomly. They were placed randomly by the school's administrators in this class. A class can never have more that 15 students because this school had a policy that states only a maximum number of 15 are allowed in a class to ensure the qualities of the students.

The first day in Class 15, it seems too many of them. Most of them treat each other as strangers but there are some who know one another either from the same previous school or elsewhere. The room felt cold despite it was only spring. They were preceded to an ice breaking session whereby they introduced themselves one by one in front of the curious.