The Queen of Games

The Queen of Games

Chapter 1: The Bitter Truth

I looked dolefully at the crumpled piece of paper in my hands. Sighing softly, I turned my gaze back onto the ocean. I did not realize it, but someone was standing behind me, debating whether to approach me or not. She frowned thoughtfully. "Should I just comfort her, or give her the time she needs to calm down?" she wondered. Her thoughts were shattered when I turned back to see her standing behind me. I gave her a sad smile. "I'm sorry about your..." she broke off, not really knowing what to say.

I shook my head. "It caught me by surprise too," I admitted. "Surprise? You were completely shocked by the news!" she wanted to scream. "Damn it... I should have realized it all along… I don't have a family, do I?" tears poured down my cheeks. "Hey, Alexis, don't be like that. Your… um… real parents would not want you to be like this as much as I do," she comforted me. "Real parents? Don't try to kid yourself, Kairi. I'm a robot. A stupid lump of metal fixed together with bits of junk to run a program. How could I have parents?" I asked angrily. "You're not just a human android, Lexy… You are special. You have emotions too. Just like normal humans," Kairi tried to reason.

"Thanks, Kairi. You're my best friend ever…" I smiled. She did not seem completely sure that I was comforted, but she decided to leave me alone for a while. I continued to stare back at the glistening sea, thinking back of all the fun times I had as a human. Well, I never was a human. I thought I was, though…

I received the news just yesterday. A few men in black uniforms barged into my house in the middle of the night. Without even stopping to think, they killed my human parents. Before I could cry for help, they knocked me out-cold. When I finally awoke, I ended up in this dark room.

"I believe your foster parents gave you this name? Alexis Miyazawa?"

I nodded, feeling terrified.

"I see. You have no memory at all of what had happened before that?"

I shook my head. I felt homesick all of a sudden.

"Well, maybe you'll regain memory after we retrieve your stolen memory card…"

"Memory card? What? Can you please tell me what the hell is going on here?! First you k..killed parents, then capture me, and now you're hitting me with ridiculous questions! I demand for an explanation!!"

He laughed unkindly.

"All in good time, child. All in good time…"

I cried the entire night. I was locked up in a tiny cell with hardly any room to breathe. I crouched down in one tiny corner, staring around in the uninviting room. "Mum?" I called out softly. "Dad?" I continued. No answer. I continued to cry, not out of self pity, but for the lost of the ones I love. A man came into the room. "Well, Android 008, do you have any bit of memory at all about your past before you met those humans?" he asked. I shook my head sadly. Now that I think of it, I do not remember a single thing. Apart from befriending Kairi and living peacefully with my family, I do not have the slightest clue about what I am supposed to be. Wait. I don't even know how I got to meet my so-called parents. Didn't they know that I was an android? More tears poured down my cheeks as I thought of my own foolishness.

"No use sobbing about it now. We told you specifically just now that you are a human android, and you are working for us. Our association created you," he said. "Wait till I get my hands on that bastard that switched your memory card into a fake…" he added silently.

"Just stay put, okay? There's nothing you can do about it. The squad will pick you up tomorrow. They'll give you some time to say goodbye to your acquaintances before shipping you off to the next country," he added, walking out of the cell. I heard the creak of the metal door slam shut. The sound echoed in the darkness. Then, I heard no more…

I gulped.

Next country?

Will I ever see Kairi again?