Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Re- Kidnapped

"Have you placed the backup memory card into her drive yet?" a voice echoed throughout the empty hall. "Yes, sir. The process is now beginning. Slowly but gradually, Android 008 will begin to regain her memory of all her past duties in our society," another voice replied. The first man nodded. "Very well. It's now ready for shipment," he nodded curtly.


Sayonara, Kairi-chan...

I stared out the window of the truck wistfully. They came for me again. This time, I did not struggle. I knew that I do not have a choice. As the truck took a slow drive, I noticed that we were heading out of town. Am I really leaving Japan?? My head crashed into the front seat as the truck stopped with a heavy jerk. I recovered from it, although still feeling slightly dizzy. Why did we stop? "Um… mister…?" I whispered, waiting for a reply. None came. I tried to open the door. It was tightly locked.

All was silent. My heart was beating fast. I sense… danger. Swiftly, I looked around. No one could be seen. Suddenly, a gunshot fired. My green eyes widened in pure shock. Two more shots were fired. The deafening sound startled me. One of them hit the window, smashing it into pieces. I managed to give out a small gasp before I felt a hand tightened around my arm. He pulled me out of the truck through the broken window. Shards of glass flew everywhere. The man driving the truck was lying down on the ground, unconscious. His gun was at his side. His cell phone was crushed into pieces.

I took a look at my captor. It was a man in his middle ages. He frowned, glancing around. A gun was in his other hand. "Who are you?" I asked timidly. He did not reply. "We have to go. This place isn't safe. For you, anyway. If there are no objections, we'll go back to the nearest inn," he said in a coarse whisper. I hesitated. However, he did not wait for an answer. Before I could object, he pulled me off. I had to run fast to keep up with his long strides. "H…Hey, where are you taking me?" I asked. "Questions later," he replied shortly.

We arrived in a deserted village. "Hmph… I guess one of these cheap buildings would do…" he frowned, pulling me roughly into a small hut. It was completely empty inside. A few cobwebs were hanging on the ceilings. Finally, he let go of my arm. I sighed in relief, massaging my sore arm. The man sat down on the floor, lighting a cigarette. "I think we lost them," he said gruffly, puffing on the cigarette. Now that the excitement was over, I got a better view of him. He was wearing an old brown jacket. He seemed so distant… because of that far-away look in his brown eyes. "Who are you?" I repeated my question.

"You don't have to know, kid. I'm just a mean old man," he smirked. He seemed to notice my fear. "You're an android, right? You look pretty human-like if ye ask me," he commented, smiling just slightly. You wouldn't know the difference. I began to relax a little. The man noticed that too. He decided to carry on. "You have a number or somethin'?" he puffed on his cigarette. I shook my head. "I want to be known as Alexis Miyazawa. It's my name," I said defensively. "Okay…" he crushed the cigarette end, looking at me curiously.

"Well, we better go now. Yomi wants you in her office by this evening," he explained. "Who's she?" I asked. "You'll know soon enough," he replied, as the both of us walked out. After taking a few steps, I stopped walking. My eyes widened again, as I scanned the area. "Dan…ger…" I whispered. A gunshot was heard, heading straight for the man… "Look out!" I pushed him out of the way. The bullet hit a metal pole instead. "Come on, kid! We have to go!" he recovered quickly, taking out his gun from his jacket. He pulled me beside him. Click. I heard the sound of a gun being loaded… "Mister!" I yelled, blocking him from harms way… I felt the bullet hit me. I opened my eyes slowly. Odd… I felt no pain. The bullet dropped down as if it was just a metal toy.

"Remarkable," I heard him mumble. Click. I was alerted this time. I frowned as I saw the bullet heading towards my face… I caught it with my two fingers. "H…How did… I…?" I stammered, dropping it in surprise. Click click. They were furious this time. "Mister, up there!" I pointed to a tree. Surely enough, two men in black suits were up on that tree. He wasted no time. In two clean shots, he killed the both of them. The both of us said nothing for the next few moments. I was the first one to speak.

"Mister, is my life from now on going to be like this?"