Not too bad.

The smell of the cigarette
from you, it's so hilarious
I like it, but I want to throw up
the noises from the knife
will you stab your tears in my heart
and leave me bleeding?

Not too bad to be alone
neither you nor me will get injured
the death won't knock on your door
when it's time there won't be angels
just close your eyes as if you were sleeping.

I don't want to die for you
I want to live for me
it's not mean I don't heart you
maybe I love you more than I do
... I don't know.

I went to sleep in the sofa you liked a lot
your warmth is still in the pillow
your departure it's repeated
I hug the pillow, it reminds me of the fights
even in my dreams I can't reach you
when I hold your hand finally
like the colors of a picture
you aren't never here truly.

Can you stay with me
even if I love someone else
but you?
I'd be with you even if
you love someone else
but me.

Not too bad to lose the memory
there are things don't deserve to be remembered
besides a new beginning, maybe a different name
it can be what you need.

I'll be with you until your penultimate breath
I'll keep all my pain inside to make you smile.