She left the room with smiles and entered with disease
raging and destroying on the average Thursday evening,
wiping tears and beads of sweat from her eyelids and her cheeks,
heavy breathing on the ceiling after God refused to speak.
Look down into the fire in the last descent to something less;
I'd trade eternal soulless lives to save her from the nothingness
caught fighting in the darkness.
She wanders aimlessly, through busy hallways,
exempt from laws of life and truth,
a martyr of honesty, broken wings, the ash of burning buildings.
One last request 'til emptiness, a hollow shell of spirit-minds,
the sacrifice of empty time, the hidden cries of a broken life.
Will this city open its concrete arms to a child so strong to fight?
Or will the stars go out one by one within the solemn, moonless night?
One last breath, a fateless prayer to Heavens gates
while still, a living Hell awaits.