We were maggots lain on rose beds
as we watched the yellow sky turn inky black with sudden infidelity.
Stars hung above our heads as phantom lights on blooming hearts,
yet the frozen harvest moon held no significance.
Love came and went under a dying sky
and the ground fell beneath us in a path underground,
our freedom from our misery.
We danced upon our graves like ghosts swimming with the wind
while our broken smiles only read indifference.
What once was beauty turned itself to sin on empty streets,
as we bent back our spines to spin our shadows into concrete.
And then I watched you go, a loss of life lain in your eyes,
as a child watching purity fall into sweet demise.
United we were heros but alone we breathe ourselves,
our hearts stapled to our sleeves and eyelids glued downwards to Hell.
Somehow our demons felt like angels in disguise,
homeless, wandering behind the second nature of our lives.