A Third Addendum to Mediations On Islam

Well, apparently I've pissed quite a few people off with this little essay. Wow! Didn't mean to do that. I thought about taking it down but then I was like no people can voice their views on this. I said from the start that I wasn't that educated in the topic. I've only taken two university classes on it. I know nothing of the Koran other than a basic overview. So those who say I know nothing are right. I'm also bad at correcting the spelling and grammar errors but I don't care!! I write for fun not to be grammatically correct. So if you're one of those people who are pissed off great but write your own essay about why you are pissed off. I just wrote this essay to show to people especially people who live around where I live that Muslims are people too. I didn't think that people would get SO mad.