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- - - -

"Cait, it was an accident," came the deep voice of Matthew Thompson. His blue eyes pleaded with Caitlin Lease's green eyes.

And she almost, almost gave in. She looked into his blue eyes, and saw everything. Everything that use to be. She saw the walks on the beach, she saw the flowers on her birthday and the picnics and her life. She saw her life in Matt's eyes. Then a flicker arouse. She immediately saw Matt. On top of Shannon, totally sober, and enjoying himself. She saw Shannon's tongue searching for his, she saw Matt's clothes on the ground and she felt the tears coming once more.

"You don't get to call it an accident," Caitlin whispered, voice trembling. She wiped the tears that were trying to escape, her eyeliner smudged her hand. "You don't get to screw some other girl and call it an accident, then tell me to come back."


"No." Caitlin closed her eyes, she willed herself to be strong. It would be so easy to go back to the way it use to be. So... so easy.

"She was over, and it just happened, okay?" Matt's voice was no longer pleading. In fact, he didn't sound sorry at all. He sounded like he believed what he was saying.

Caitlin opened her eyes, and glared, red hot anger boiled inside her. "It just happened? That's great. Fan-freaking-tastic. You cheated on me after four years, and all you have to say for yourself is 'it happened'." Caitlin picked up her blue duffel bag, and turned on the heel of her suede scrunch boots. She didn't even look him in the eye after that.

"Caitlin! I love you, you know that!" Matt yelled. Caitlin opened the door to their two bedroom apartment. The cool early summer air swept through her loosely curled brown hair. "We were going to get married!" All a sudden, the ring on Caitlin's left finger felt like it weighed a ton. She looked at the diamond shining back at her. She took it off, and threw it at Matt. She was finished.

- - - -

Caitlin's best friend on the planet was Sarah Kilbourne. She came from a rich family, and was her uncle's prized possession. When her uncle died, she inherited a house. On the beach of San Diego, which she accepted of course. Caitlin lived there with her and her other best friend Morgan until a year a go, when she and Matt moved in together.

Sarah lived in a gated community, she felt safe enough to leave the door unlocked, the door that Caitlin burst into, red eyed.

Sarah jumped, her fingers jamming down on the keys of her piano. She looked at the door, Caitlin stood in the doorway, her duffel bag in her hand, and no ring on her left finger. "What happened?"

Caitlin sat down on Sarah's freakishly white sofa, was there really any way to say it and not cry? Caitlin took a breath. "I got screwed over." Caitlin couldn't meet Sarah's gaze, she couldn't explain it, she pretended one of the fabrics on the carpet was really exciting.

"How?" Sarah asked in a small voice, trying to be careful, she could tell Caitlin was scared, and close to bursting, but Caitlin was strong. So strong that she wouldn't show this hurt her, whatever it was.

"Matt, Shannon, on top of one another," Caitlin breathed, trying to concentrate on her now moist green eyes. She put her face in her hands.

Sarah's brown eyes flickered to her ringless finger again. "Oh..." was all she managed. She knew saying it would be alright was crap. Caitlin wouldn't just smile and say 'okay!' and move on. She never did, she knew Caitlin had to figure this out on her own.

Caitlin rubbed her temples, she could feel a headache coming on. "It's funny though," Caitlin began, her voice gaining strength, "I saw this coming. I knew he wasn't interested in me. I knew he was going to leave me somehow. He never cared about any of it. But no, I didn't pay attention, because I had this three thousand dollar ring on my finger that made it seem like it was going to be alright," and now it's probably in his trashcan, Caitlin thought to herself.

Morgan walked in, her green booty shorts showing off her toned dark legs. She sat on the piano bench, facing Caitlin. "Now I can be completely honest," a smile played on Morgan's full, glossy lips. "I never liked Matt, and now I have a reason to."

Sarah waited for Caitlin's response, in horror, until she saw Caitlin crack a smile. "I have a reason to as well," Caitlin laughed, her eyes still moist.

Morgan smiled in satisfaction, she flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder, and stood up. "This calls for some pizza," Morgan smiled happily. Morgan was a model. She was smart, but she went through life on looks. Which meant watching what she ate, so, this was an excuse for her to eat something real.

"I'm glad I gave her a reason to eat," Caitlin smiled. Breathing hurt, as if she was still trying to process it. It didn't feel like anything was missing though. Caitlin felt her LG Xenon vibrate, Matt's number flashed at her. She rolled her eyes at it. "I feel like I'm suppose to break down, but I can't."

Sarah angled her head towards the ceiling thoughtfully. "Maybe you just need to let it set in. It's kinda a shock."

Caitlin nodded, shutting off her phone. Screw Matt. Screw Shannon. Screw love. She was on her way to becoming a surgeon. Surgeons didn't need someone by their sides. There simply wasn't enough time for that.

A few hours later left Caitlin, Sarah, and Morgan sitting on Sarah's queen size bed, bay window wide open, and Morgan laughing loudly, drunk.

"You did not!" Caitlin shouted, throwing a piece of pepperoni at Morgan.

"I did," Morgan smiled, "he gave me this." Morgan lifted her long mane to reveal her neck, and a hickey to go with it. "He was a hella good kisser," Morgan slurred, referring to the guy she apparently hooked up with a couple nights a go.

Sarah shook her head. "Where do you find the time for that?"

Morgan shrugged and snorted in amusement. "When you're in Paris... and it's ten at night, you find things to do. They don't care if I'm a slut. They care that I keep this up," Morgan said patting her stomach.

Caitlin snorted unattractively. "And pizza is gonna help that?"

Morgan laughed. "We got enough alcohol. It'll be gotten rid of by morning." Morgan winked, and lied down on Sarah's bed, looking up at the dark ceiling.

Caitlin sighed and stood up, looking out Sarah's floor to ceiling window. She closed her eyes and heard the waves crash against the shore down the street. As she breathed she fought back the pain in her chest.

"And there's the pizza," Morgan got up and darted into the bathroom.

Sarah's voice rang out, "Are you okay, Cait?" Caitlin turned around, her face starting to fall apart, that question had been avoided all night.

That question was all it took though, because right then tears started streaming down Caitlin's face. They raced down her cheekbones and dripped from her chin onto the plush carpet that was beneath her feet. No, she wasn't okay. How could she possibly be okay? Her entire future had been ripped away in seconds.

"I'm sorry, Cait," Sarah started, "I wasn't thin-"

Caitlin held up her hand. "I'm not okay. I just... don't know." Caitlin dropped to the ground, and put her head in her hands. Sarah sat on the bed, sympathy radiating from her eyes. She didn't move to comfort Caitlin though. She hated pity. She needed to cry this one out and Sarah had a feeling this wouldn't be the last breakdown.

Caitlin looked up at Sarah, her perfect face and head cocked to one side. Her one of a kind smile, and innocent expression. "Can you not look at me like that?" Sarah shook the expression off her face at once. Caitlin breathed out, and looked around the familiar room. The regal oak wood bookcase with all Sarah's text books and whatnot. Sarah's collection of bottles of sand. She had sand from all around the world, all sitting on shelves next to the window that was across from her bed. Her room was so mature, aside from the rainbow bed sheets and wall of goofy pictures. Sarah and Caitlin together at Magic Mountain. Sarah and Caitlin on their last day of high school. It was all there.

Caitlin smiled nostalgically at the memories. The last day of high school when they egged Mr. Naylor's car because he was the least favorite teacher at the school. The tears, because they all thought high school would be the best days of their lives and the worst. She thought life was complicated then. If only she could've seen the future. Caitlin managed a smirk. How naive.

She heard Sarah shift on the bed, bunny slippers being kicked off her feet. She snapped back to reality. "You're still looking at me like I'm weak," Caitlin pointed out irately.

"Sorry," Sarah began, face turning red. She tried really hard not to pity Caitlin, but she couldn't help it. She knew she was hurting. "Just answer this; does it hurt?"

Caitlin looked at the ceiling, trying to prevent gravity from bringing tears from her eyes. She looked at Sarah. "It hurts like hell." Sarah nodded. What a stupid question. "I don't have time for tears and pain and shit though. We start as surgical interns in two days. I'm not letting him fuck up my future. This just proves that I really am a better person than him."

Sarah smiled, there was the strong, smart Caitlin she knew. She wouldn't let anything get in her way, this was her dream. They both turned their heads as Morgan tripped out of the bathroom, strands of hair astray, and face contorted unattractively. "I'm gonna go to bed," she slurred. "Night, bitches."

"I think I'll follow Morgan's fine example," Caitlin stood up, and wiped her face on her sleeve. Mascara and eye liner blotched the fabric. "Ew. Bad day to wear makeup I guess."

Sarah smiled, "Yeah, I'll remind you not to wear makeup when your boyfriend decides to be an ass next time," and she saw Caitlin actually smile.

"Good night, Sarah," Caitlin waved and exited the room.

- - -

Caitlin looked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom she now shared with Morgan. She left the door unlocked in case Morgan has some more food to get rid of.

"I look like shit," Caitlin said to herself as she washed the dried makeup from her face. She tried to brush out the knots in her hair and eventually gave up.

"I'll say," Morgan stumbled in, now wearing pink, fluffy pajama pants and a low cut tank top. Caitlin tried not to laugh at the cleavage falling out.

"Look at yourself lately?" Caitlin laughed, Morgan's eyes were puffy and red.

"Shut up," Morgan glared, she hated her beauty being insulted. Morgan walked up to the mirror. "Jesus, I do look worse than you." Morgan's eyes popped. "I'm only sayin' that cause I'm drunk."

"I know," Caitlin nodded, walking out of the sterile white bathroom.

"Hey, Cait," Morgan began, "I did hate Matt by the way. You don't believe it now, but you'll see it too when you get over it." Caitlin nodded, flinching at Morgan's pure bluntness. That's the one thing she could count on in this world, was that Morgan would always tell the truth, she didn't give a damn what you want to hear.