She watched those years fly by like the wind
Sailing on the beautiful sea of misery of her own tears
The world just never saw all she had to give
They just walked on her like a bug on the sidewalk
The tears were only there while standing alone...

Knifes carved her back were she thought friendship lay
Trust disappeared in the dark cold night
Fearing for her life she lied to the world out there
She just kept it all inside to keep herself safe
While all the pain was hidden with her smile...

A mask created to fool the world of people
Showing them no fear and no pain
A sweet little lie she kept for so many years
No one knew of her pain or of all her tears
Cause all she knew how to do was smile...

So she floated on her sea of endless tears
As her boat grew of the countless pains
She felt the hole grow in her day by day
She watched them and they took everything
All she could do was smile through the pain...

The world will never know whats behind the mask
All they see is the outside and that's what counts
They won't ever ask her what's wrong
Cause that boat is still floating on a sea full of tears
Because all she will do is smile through the pain...