What are our FIRST impressions of cheerleaders? Well, based on American-Teen movies, they are…not that smart, but not that dumb at the same time…they're thin, light, popular, perky and sometimes…grin (I'm sure you know what I'm thinking.) But cheerleaders here in the Philippines made us think the other way around, which change our perspective of a cheerleader's persona. They proved to us they're smart, simple, friendly, down to earth yet very aggressive. Speaking of cheerleaders, I myself was a cheerleader; only it's not a squad or anything, but its only an event that every 7th grader in our school anticipates.

Once you stepped in the classrooms of grade 7, the tension begins. The journey begins with the choosing of colors and designing of shirts. Each section should pick at least 3-4 colors, some maybe a like with other section as long as your base color ain't the same. Once each student voted for the color they wanted, the designing of t-shirts begin. Each student of each section must create a shirt that speaks about their class and it has to fit the theme of that years cheerdance, Let's say the theme will be about nature, hence, students will design a shirt. Once voted for the shirt that the students and teacher voted for, The next step for this colorful, messy journey is the making of the banners. Once again, each student should make a design of the banner about their section, each classroom has 6 groups, those 6 groups should come up with one design, Once painted, 3 will be chosen that will represent each class. whew that's tiring


Next step in this aggressive, chaotic journey is the choosing of the 4 leaders, mixing of the music, creating of dance steps and forming of the stunts. Months pass by, lots of sermons, shouting and practicing you'll definitely endure. But in the end of the day, it will all pay off with a cold glass of milo. :

The cheerdance competition finally comes. Heart beats are rising, tension, nervousness and anxiety filled in the stadium.

Everything is intense, the make-up, hair and stuff like that. Especially that everybody is up for that goal to get the title of Best Cheerdance. Although everybody is going to be given an award or recognition like:

Best Cheer

Most Choreographed

Best Costume

Most Synchronized

Best stunts

Most Energetic

Best in Formation

Everybody just gets so tensed to win the title.

Finally, all those months of practicing paid off, though some, they blame them themselves for not winning Best Cheerdance.

It was a fun and crazy experience that I'll surely cherish through the years. Because not only did I have fun, but also I realized the true meaning of teamwork. I realized the equality, the collaboration and the love that we have for each other. And that's the most important thing in this whole journey. T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K!

"Be…Aggressive…Be…Be AGGRESSIVE!!"