CELEBRITIES: Our new everyday Heroes


Most Celebrities these days are turning into a new leaf, From 'A-list Hollywood's best' to… well, 'Community Social Action', Celebrities travel across the globe to reach out their hard-working hands and help those less fortunate people, especially those who live in South Africa. They use their voices and their acting abilities to reach out to the hearts of billons. But are these celebrities really do it form their heart? Or is it just for publicity's sake?

Like celebrity couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who adopted children with different races, they're also active in UNICEF and other programs that help children have a better home. Speaking of UNICEF, an actress from the Philippines, KC Conception, became the ambassador of UNICEF. Another is the former politician, Al Gore, promoting on how to prevent the celerity of Global Warming; making us realize that we are throwing God's wonderful creation to waste. Not to mention Hayden Panettiere who went to Japan to prevent the killing of dolphins and other endangered marine animals, And many more celebrity who reminds us to use 'environmental-friendly' SUVs or household things to lessen Global Warming. But if you ask me, I think they're doing this to help our world a better place. Keeping everything else back in to shape like how God made it.

So, all I'm trying to say is that, these celebrities still give way to our community. I believe that they are our new 'SUPERMEN' in this generation. They don't need to wear capes, tights, fancy costumes, have speedy cars, and have catchy-cheesy names just for them to be noticed even more, It is the thought the counts. The fact that they promote, they care for our future and for the world; we should consider them as our new SUPERMEN.