The bookstore lovers

The Bookstore lovers

Anna is a girl who loves to go to bookstores that it is rarely impossible for her to at least by a book once a week. Her love for her books inspired her to become a writer and go on journalism. Until she meets this person who coincidentally loves to write and stuff like that. This person's name is Danny. Danny has a really great caliber, which makes him the editor-in-chief of their school newspaper. Like Anna, Danny loves to read and write and also wants to pursue his dream on being a journalist. Like what I 'typed' a while ago, Anna and Danny met in the Internet. So possibly they don't know each other that well. They became 'cyber' friends, until one day Danny wanted to meet Anna in a bookstore.

'Anna? Can I meet you in the bookstore?' He texted.

'Where? when? and why?' She replied with a big grin in her face.

she waited for a few minutes till it beeped again.

'In a bookstore near Seattle, this coming Saturday, Well…I just wanted to see you in person. And I heard that there is this awesome book that they just released a week ago.' He replied back.

Anna felt a sudden trigger or something tingling in her body that she couldn't help but smile, and giggle, a bit.

'Oh…uh…bummer…I'm going to Seattle tomorrow, I'm only allowed to go there once a week, because of this 'crisis' so my parents accompany me all the time. Since my parents are free.' I texted so fast that she could every bone in her finger hurt.

'Better. Though your parents are there. Like this, meet you in the bookstore around the corner of the audio shop and market, k?' He replied so fast that it made her feel more tensed.

She thought for a few minutes about this 'meeting' with her

'cyber' friend. She took a deep breath and run the words 'fine, it's okay.' in her mind. She texted him quick that it only took her 30 seconds to finish a text.

'A sure, but I don't know you, how will I suppose to see you if I don't know you, I'll be one of those girls in my headshot wearing the same clothes, pink top in a pony tail, in the 'young adults' section. most probably glancing on the book, sitting on the floor. K?'

'uh…sure, Anna. Can't wait. See you then.' He replied back.

Anna jumped for joy. This was the happiest moment of her life. Her life had been a book only life, people think that she's a nerd for reading too much books, even the nerd of the nerds thinks the same way. But everything changed. Because of her passion for reading and writing it lead to an unexpected fairytale.

The next day, Anna and her family went to Seattle, Anna asked her parents if she could stay in the bookstore, alone. With no any doubt at all, her parents gave-in in her wish.

Once she finally felt free in Seattle. She waited in the bookstore, where she exactly told Danny where she would be.

She waited for 2 hours, she was about to live, when a message beeped.

'K. I'm inside the bookstore, I'm wearing eyeglasses, polo under a vest, tight jeans and puma. Got it?' It said.

It was Danny, finally. She fixed up herself and returned to her proper position. She waited for minutes, glancing at her left side to see if his near or not. Strange? I must have mistaken this from another bookstore. She got up then took the book with her so that she could buy it already, but as she stood up, She saw a dude, who looks like it was Danny, eyeglasses, polo under a vest, tight jeans and puma, the dude she saw was wearing exactly the same, she sat up again, but in a more 'unusual' manner. She glanced every other second; she could already hear footsteps approaching. Her heartbeat begins to beat faster and faster. When suddenly, she heard a very small voice behind the bookshelf she was leaning on.

"Danny? Danny? is that you? long time no see. How are you?"

The voice said, and she was saying it to Danny.

She kneeled down, enough to view what was going on.

"Alice? what are you doing here?" He asked in a frustrated tone. He has a nice, clear British accent that she loves.

"Looking for something to read. So, what are you doing here?" The girl, Alice, asked, While hitting his arm.

"Oh, I'm meeting somebody here, actually, will you excuse me?" He hesitated.

"Slow down, Danny boy. Since when we're you meeting somebody? Replacing some shrink over me?"

"Alice, can you stop reminding me that. That was 2 years ago., for get about it, now, if you'll excuse me." He said.

He passed by the row where they talked, then went to the back. Alice was at his back. Anna looked up. It was him. Danny. Her 'cyber' friend.

"Danny?! Hello?" Alice said.

Then suddenly Alice kissed Danny in his lips. There was too much gooey, yucky, passion that made Anna stand up and ran to the exit door. She was tearing up. A few minutes later, she found herself sitting in another corner of a bookstore. She stayed in that position for almost an hour. Only a few more hours till they have to leave Seattle. Better spend all of those time in buying books. She got 10 hardbound, super chaptered books. She carried them out to the bookstore, it was so heavy that it slipped into her hands and went down flying in the floor. An unexpected person helped her out. It was her British-cyber-yucky-secretive friend, Danny.

As they were putting the books in the paper bag one by one. Danny introduced himself.

"Danny. You must be Anna?" He asked, with the hand

gesture. I shook it awkwardly.

"Yup. I'm really sorry about these books. Thank You." She said. She noticed that her eyes were still fresh with redness because of her tears a while ago, so she looked down, ashamed.

"No problem, I'm sorry about a while ago. It's not proper, She's a person with less breeding." He said under his breath.

Then We walked by the nearest café. He ordered an espresso, so did I.

Then we talked.

"So, you're the infamous Anna Londer." He said with a crooked-half smile.

"An you must be Danny James, I didn't know you were British."

"Sorry, about that. So, what books did you buy?" He asked with curiosity, like what he always does in their IMs.

"Well, I have the Twilight saga you asked me to read, Click, The book thief, and some books written by Meg Cabot." I said sheepishly.

"Interesting. I have a great feeling we will become more than friends." He said with glistening eyes as he puts he hand atop mine.

I didn't let go of it, enjoy the moment. breath.

"You really think so." she asked, more sheepishly.

"Yup." Then he leaned down to kiss her lightly on the lips.


To readers,

Sorry if the story is sort of a 'waste' because, I'm not that much into LOVE stories, movies or whatever. So, just please send me a message and comment about it so that I could improved it more. Thank you. PEACE!

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