A/N: Just a short story that wouldn't leave me alone.

Freedom of another kind.

My heart is racing at a million miles a second

I can barely breathe, and definitely can't think straight. The music is pumping so loud; I can feel the vibrations from the floor lift up and coarse through my body.

They're urging me on, one drumbeat at a time.

Step. Kick. Pirouette. Floor…. My body is moving on its own accord, my mind is freaking.

I can't see much, well nothing really to concentrate on anyways. Its as though everything is spinning. Colours are all blurred into one, creating a fuzzy outline and an

indescribable feature. The spotlight is blinding, yet focused. It almost makes me feel as though I am a deer, being hunted by man. I can see him clearly, but boy do i know his there. Forever there, just lurking, blocking my path. Yet the light is a guiding force too. Reassurance of where I am. On a stage. Dancing. Watched. And appreciated.

…Head-roll. Pause. Contract, con-drop.


What a great moment to pause. I always wanted my own personal blinder!

Sugar thats bright. If things were blurry before, its nothing to what its like now.

How'd I get here? Why am I here?

The high is falling. My bones are aching with every move. I just want to stop. Stop what exactly I'm too sure.

Stop dancing… not really.

Stop this roller coaster of a ride. Defiantly not!

Stop and be voted out of the competition… HELL NO! This has been the best experience of my life.

But this? This is not good.

Fell out of my turn, fan kick wasn't fully extended.

I am tired beyond recognition. Breathless. Pushing for more, driven more than you can think.

I'm not in the zone.

Going to cop that from the judges'… possible the public.

But it doesn't mean much now I guess. The votes are already in. And truth be told, the bottom three sucks.

Ever since they announced that fateful position, every nerve ending has been on alert. The brain is on overload. Thinking overtime. Analysing every option, worrying about the outcome.

I could be leaving tonight. Going home. Finished.

But then not really finished. Yes back to the dance studio, to teaching and performing. But in reality that's not really that different to now.

Dance still represents and means the same that it did before. Nothings changed. In fact, my career has only just started. This could be the exposure –this is the exposure- I've been trying to grasp for years.

Life is just beginning.

But then it does, every time I step on the floor. The music flows, pumping adrenaline through my body. The drug of my life. Life to my soul, like blood to the body.

This is it. This is everything….

All of a sudden, I'm invincible. Fresh. Reinvigorated. Alive. Dancing harder than I thought possible.

Energy is rising as on a sugar overload. More like an atmosphere overload. Each clap, each cheer, smile and sign is pushing me forward. I'm being catapulted by the audience.

Kick. Layout. Split...

Its Ironic you know. The way when you think one needs to be concentrating most, the body itself just takes over.

This dance is drummed into my head. I barely have to think. Just listen; to the beat, the crowd, to my soul. My muscles move on their own accord, making the shapes and lines that I myself choreographed mere days ago.

With every passing second, my breathing becomes shorter. Yet my body thrives. Thump. Thump. Goes the crowds' clapping in my ears, more like thunder when mixed with my rapid heartbeat. Their screams are barely registering in my ears, yet it propels me forward. Drawing every last fibre out of my aching and exhausted muscles. Pain forgotten for mere moments as I push beyond my limits. I know I will be grasping for air once finished.

I wouldn't change it for anything though. This drive, this passion, this feeling is my life. I live for it day in day out.

Surprisingly enough, I feel complete. I feel calm. I am at peace with myself through dance. I am, and that's more than what others get to feel.

Thirty seconds left.

Silently my body is thanking an unnamed force for the end. My heart wants to continue, to grow. Thirty seconds is not enough time left.

I dance. And I dance hard.

I dance for my life…

I just hope it was good enough.

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First impressions?

I attempted here to show rather than tell the story as well. Not too sure if it really worked. Actually think im leaning more towards it didn't. Any ideas how to make it better? and more workable?