A/N: Hey folks. Right now I'm in the transition between Saskatchewan and Ontario. Let's just say it's been a notch above hectic. I've only just found a place to stay, but the bad news? No frocking computers. Yeah. So I have to rely on the library and my occasional trips to the school and crap. This song came over me one day and just kinda spilled out, so you guys may as well enjoy it. Softer, definitely, but one of my faves.

Our Eulogy

Goodbye... I say but I can't miss you!
Don't cry, there's nothing else you could do!
Remain! A shadow in the sunset!
In pain, why can't I seem to forget...?

Alone... To wander in the hallway...
A ghost! A spectre of yesterday!
Still live... But can you call this living?
I'd give! This very air I'm breathing!
To scream your name!

Goodbye, forever!!
Though it's not fair!
Never, say never!
If you're still there!
Treasure the pain, because it's a sign of life!
Find joy inside the rain, if that feels right!
But don't you ever miss me...
I'm still here.

A lie... that only scraped the surface...
Deny... Any sense of purpose!
No goals, for us to spend our time on!
No hope! For a future that is long gone!

Enraged! The light just isn't working!
Enslaved! By the grudges I'm still holding!
Ignored! But I don't mind the silence!
Oh Lord, wash the blood from my hands!
And scream her name!

Goodbye, forever!
Though it's not fair!
Why not say never?!
Because you're not there!
Cherish your pain, if it means that your alive!
Fall in love with the rain, if that feels right!
But please don't ever miss me...
I'm still here.

I'm still here...
A name scrawled upon your doorway...
I'm still here...
A shadow on your wall...
After all these years!
I haven't gone away!
Beat all our fears!
And I'm still standing tall!
So I can...

Scream, your name!
(Even if I can't remember!)
I'm not afraid!
(Goodbye, forever!!)
We fade away!
These wars were fought in vain!
But the tears we cry, the way we die, the grave in which we lie!!
Every single second...

It's alright...
To say...