Today I write about magic.

My pen is my wand,

My paper, my cauldron into which hot, bubbling thoughts are poured and stirred.

I begin to see the eyes of dragons- golden with a fantasial glow.

Their breath is hot at my throat as they pursue my hand to fly faster across the gleaming white page.

I am giving breath and heart to the creatures of my imagination.

They overflow, and bound off the page and onto the cold, wooden floor of my inner chamber.

What a mess they make!

Scuttling, Flying, Inching, Running, Flipping, and Shooting themselves around the room.

One spills a glass of water, making the edges of The paper soggy.

A pixi- like creature lands on my thumb, trying to wrestle The pen from me.

One knocks over a candle, and fans the flames, making the fire grow.

I hear a roar that rattles everything from my windows

To my bones.

I look up and see a great golden eye staring back at me.

One glance would have been enough to presume...

This is NOT my imagination.


p.s. i would like to thank Jack T. Ripped for reviewing- THANKS!!