Prologue: Dogs of War

The battle had been raging all day. The air was filled with the sounds of carnage and violence. Countless artillery shells were exploding in the sky and the resulting shrapnel was coming down so heavily and so fast that it was like a torrential thunderstorm. The charred earth was soaked red with the blood of hundreds of bodies and body parts. Dusk was rapidly approaching and in the dimming light two groups of seven soldiers each could be seen lying atop the apex of a hill behind an enemy trench. The first was the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack was the best Special Forces unit in the army of the Confederate Alliance. Today it had met its fate during a struggle with the Blackpack, an elite squad of mercenaries in the employ of the Associated Alliance. Similarly, Blackpack had also met its fate upon that hill. The isolated skirmish between the two groups had lasted for only a few minutes, ended in a stalemate, and resulted in a true loss for both sides. Every last one of them was sure to receive their side's medal of valor, as both groups had completed their corresponding mission successfully. The Wolfpack had taken out the entrenched bunker just beneath the hill and the Blackpack had neutralized the Wolfpack. The best soldiers on both sides were now gone and the war was only a few days old.

No one can say with absolute certainty who won the battle that day, yet both sides claimed one sort of strategic victory or another. By the time the war ended many years later and the statistics were all tallied up, it was this battle, this opening battle to a most savage and brutal war, that had proven to be the most costly of the entire campaign.

To be continued…