Timberwolf and Deadeye

Timber awoke with a terrible hangover. He had been out late the previous evening carousing with the rest of the Wolfpack and now he was paying for it. "Ugh," he managed to mutter as he slammed the button on his alarm. Rolling out of bed and flopping unceremoniously to the floor, he managed to crawl to the bathroom in his quarters without throwing up. Must have drunk less than usual, he thought to himself. By sheer force of will, he managed to get to a standing position and looked himself in the mirror above the sink. He instantly regretted his motion and let out an audible moan of pain. Without a word or any other sound, he leaned his head forward until it came to rest against the surface of the mirror. For the next few minutes, he stayed that way, desperately fighting back the urge to vomit. Once he had the strength to go on, he opened a box on a small shelf off to one side of the sink, rummaged around for a few moments, found a couple of bicarbonate tablets, and staggered to the shower.

In a zombie-like haze, he stepped inside the shower and closed the glass door behind him. In what could only be described as slow-motion, he raised one of his paws to a control panel on the wall between the showerhead and the bathtub facet. "Water," he barked as he pushed a bright green button. "Cold. Ten minutes." The computer confirmed his order, beeped once, and instantly showered him in ice-cold water. He yipped at first as the cold liquid assaulted his skin. However, within seconds he was used to it, scratched his stomach, and popped the bicarbonate tablets into his mouth. He then shoved his head under the showerhead, opened his jaws, and flooded his mouth with cold fizzing water.

Once done with his shower and other daily morning hygiene he walked out into his sleeping area. Going to his dresser, he got out a pair of boxer shorts and sat down on the bed to put them on. Something moved when he did and suddenly he was very aware that he was not alone. Quietly, he pulled back the blanket to see who, or what, he had brought back to his quarters. The body of a very naked female was revealed and his ears perked up slightly. She groaned a bit at the sunlight filtering in through the blinds of the room's only window that was now hitting her head. Timber gave her cheek a lick so that she would roll over. To his stunned disbelief it was the new major of Squad 11. What had he done last night he thought to himself. She groaned again and turned her head and opened her eyes to look at him.

"Fuck you very much, Lieutenant," she growled at him.

"Uh," he stammered, still stunned by the revelation. "Sorry, Major."

She slowly rose from the bed with her back to him and began searching for her clothes. Timber said nothing and just eyed her body. Her coloring was light brown, all over. Though he did not usually go for females who were brown, as he preferred those colored black, or pure white like himself, at that particular moment he could not stop himself from staring at her. He had never seen the Major out of her clothes before, and he really liked what he was seeing. Though her build was very athletic, it was still very feminine. One wouldn't even be able to guess she was a soldier unless they looked her in the face.

His head tilted to the side as he watched her tail. It was held high, which made it curl forward even more than it already did. He suddenly got an impish grin on his face and reached out for her tail. Quickly he wrapped it around his paw and pulled her back into his arms on the bed. Without a word he began kissing her deeply and passionately. His paw slowly slid its way to one of her breasts and began to squeeze it gently. His actions caused her to moan softly into his mouth.

Deadeye sniffed the air, trying to get the scent of the targets he was chasing. The Blackpack sharpshooter smiled coldly when he got the scent and ran off through the woods. His eyes moved faster than his legs did and, within moments, he spotted them all. They were running blindly, trying their very best to get away from him and to their freedom.

He paused next to a tree, leaned against it lazily, and took aim with his rifle. The microcomputer inside his riflescope automatically adjusted for the wind and then, within only a couple of seconds, sounded a beep in the earpiece of his headset to signal that it had completed its corrections. "The first little pig made his house from straw," he snarled and squeezed the trigger once. A bolt of green energy sped from the barrel and made contact with its intended target within seconds. The target let out a muffled gurgle and dropped facedown on the ground. Having heard the sound of Deadeye's rifle, and then the sound of their comrade's gurgle, the other two targets stopped in their tracks and looked back. Without any regard for their own safety, they ran over to their fallen comrade to see if they could do anything for him. Turning him over, they were greeted by a horrifying sight. Their comrade's chest was completely exploded outwards. A copious amount of blood, not to mention pieces of both bone and internal organs, littered the ground in a gruesome fashion. Though they were trained soldiers, they were both so stunned by the sight of carnage before them that they did not notice Deadeye approach and pause only a few yards away. He smiled when he saw the look of stunned fear on their faces. Slowly and silently he pulled his sidearm from its holster and fired a single shot into the air to get their attention. Instantly, his two remaining targets turned to face him.

"Better run, piggies," he recommended snidely. They looked in turn at each other, their fallen comrade's mangled body, and Deadeye's smiling face before returning to running for their lives. Deadeye let out a bored sigh and casually put away his sidearm. He then silently counted to twenty and resumed his pursuit at a leisurely pace.

Timber slowly slid his paw down between the Major's legs and rubbed her sex gently. He could feel her becoming moist and her moans became louder. Tenderly, he laid her back and licked his way down to her breasts. She moaned again as he took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it gently. His fingers gently teased her clitoris as he alternated his tongue's attention from one nipple to the other. He could tell she was getting close to climax. Carefully he slid one of his fingers inside and began to slowly move it in and out of her. She arched her back and gave off a loud bark. Silently he pulled out his finger and licked it slowly while smiling at her.

Deadeye casually walked after his fleeing prey, keeping their scent fresh in his nose. He was toying with them and giving them false hope that they might escape. He stopped alongside another tree, once again leveled his rifle, and drew a bead on his second target. The scope beeped in his earpiece again after it had made the proper adjustments. "The second little pig made his house of sticks," he said and as he squeezed off his second overall shot. As before, the bolt tore off towards its destination and struck its target, who promptly dropped dead to the ground. The final remaining target looked back for an instant, but this time did not stop to check on his friend, he just kept running.

"Good piggy," said Deadeye with a smile as he watched the final target continue running. He then walked up to the second target and admired his handiwork as blood pooled out from underneath the body.

"Two piggies down," he casually remarked as he started to walk after the third and final target. "One piggy still running."

Timber kissed her again and then stood up to slide down his shorts. After tossing them aside he laid down next to her and pulled her on top of him. They kissed again for another few minutes and then he rolled her over onto her back. Slowly he guided himself inside of her until their pelvises met. They stayed that way for a few moments and then he propped himself up and began to pump in and out of her. Her legs seemed to instinctually wrap around his waist as he did so. Slowly, he lowered himself down until he was almost resting on top of her and began to passionately kiss her again. She put her arms about him and ran her paws up and down his back, lightly scratching him as she did. She then moved her paws up to his head so that her fingers could run through his hair. It was now his turn to growl.

Deadeye began to whistle from sheer boredom as he continued to casually walk after his final target. Once he decided that his target had gotten far enough ahead of him, he stopped one final time and aimed his rifle. Once more his scope focused and auto-corrected before beeping in his earpiece. Once he heard the sound, he smiled. "And the last little pig went to Hell," he said with menacing glee as he squeezed the trigger for his final shot. The target heard the shot and spun around just in time for the bolt to hit him squarely in the face and blow his head gruesomely apart. His body just stood there for a few seconds swaying before it collapsed to the ground.

Deadeye smiled and his tail wagged happily. He looked around and pushed a button on his headset. "Deadeye to base," he said with an arrogant tone. "All targets eliminated."

"What took you so long Lieutenant?" said a voice on the other side of the line.

"I just wanted to have a little fun that's all," Deadeye said coolly. "Give them the fleeting hope that they might get away. Requesting permission to return to base."

"Permission granted, Lieutenant," spoke the voice. "Very good work. Try to get back to the mess hall before breakfast gets cold."

"Affirmative," said Deadeye as he slung his rifle over his shoulder. "See you back at the mess hall. Deadeye out."

With the situation now secure, Deadeye hummed a happy tune as he walked back to base, satisfied that his day had been quite productive.

Their primal lovemaking intensified as Timber felt his impending climax. He was trying to hold back for as long as he could, but he knew he had to maintain the pace he was going at. While he pumped into her with a savage fury, she was letting out little barks of pleasure and digging her claws into his back. Suddenly, he came with a growl and a low howl and collapsed on top of her. She ran her fingers through his hair and licked the side of his face. He looked at her and returned the lick. Pulling out of her, he rolled off to the side and tried to calm his breathing. Both of their bodies were glistening with sweat. After a couple of minutes, the Major got up, dressed hurriedly, and left without either of them exchanging a single word. Timber just watched her intently the entire time. Once she was gone he smiled. "Gonna need another shower," he said as he got out of bed and went back to the bathroom.

As the water poured over him in the shower it suddenly dawned on him that he had absolutely no clue what her name was. He chuckled a bit at this realization and then went about with his shower.

To be continued…