I played dice with the devil,

I played dice with the devil,

One false and foggy night.

I thought he was on the level

He cackled with delight.

I took the cubes, clacking softly;

Rose to my heels and threw!

They jounced and jangled down the alley,

Rolling through the dew.

"Six," he laughed. "You make me sick!"

He reached to the ground and

Picked up the pair. "Now here's a trick!"

He cried, breathing flames into his hand.

The dice growled, rattled, and shook.

They leapt out of his hand

Bowed to the oldest crook

And waltzed on the land

Tip-tapping to the ground

Tangoing to the floor

My head began to pound

The numbers: five and four.

Now he's got me, giggling and mad

This night was not to be mine

But it's really not so bad

Come on in, the inferno's fine.