a mirror made of perfect glass

a mirror made of perfect glass
idea constructed by the finest man
materials sought from places far and wide
designed and made through the tenderest hands

This mirror was greatly wanted
This mirror was greatly priced
And those who had possessed it taunted
"Only perfection would suffice"

Alas the mirror had a life of it's own
could not thrive in chaos such as this
So it hid, and soon enough became a thing of stone
It lived for near a hundred years, in eternal bliss

One night a small girl wandered
lost in the deep dark night
"Should I help her?" the mirror pondered
"and extinguish my inner light?"

"One life for another, the girl is getting cold"
With that the mirror blew to bits
Leaving behind the flame of his soul
And giving the girl his wits

Funny how the mirror, meaning so much to many
ended up with a girl who didn't need it
and with heart and soul a plenty
gave up his life to keep another souls' fire lit

a mirror made of the perfect glass
idea constructed by the finest man
Forgotten as a legend of the past
And the girl? Spread joy and happiness throughout the land.