A battery
Or a conduit's fragile bridge
tottered and collapsed.
The cogs turned no more.
Interlocking jaws
grasped for purchase, but
found none.
A beast circled itself one last time in the burrow
before unsteadily breaking
to sleep.

Somewhere, in a world
The time is always 4:41:49.
Hands stopped signing to their universe.
Messages of space's elapse
Went silent.
The world skipped, then collapsed,
Eternally paused.

Somewhere, a realm
is always at 4:41:49.
Somewhere, people are in half-step
A tiger is in mid-lunge
A man is half-dead
A bullet is half-shot
A girl half-turned her head.

Somewhere, the time is 4:41:49.
The world freezes
The life ceases.
Everything ends
Except 4:41:49.

A battery choked
A current stuttered
The hands went still
And seconds no longer fluttered.
The dead clock
will always read

(04/04/08 2:15PM)