the night is dark and i am alone
in the hall of morpheus--that
amniotic chamber spaced
with footsteps and echoing with forgotten
voices of long ago that whisper in my dreams.

i trace the walls and watch shadows spike
across my fingers. lightning scatters splinters of hard
bright light through the glass and onto
your face--so suddenly white in the dusk.
do you know where you are tonight?

you are lost: that is plain
from the furrow of your brows, and
the set of your mouth. and though
you are a stranger to me and my world, i think
i could love you.

i might love you already.
these words are born from your soft
dark eyes and voice like evening shadows and
they find life in those sweet, childlike words
that tumble out of your heart and into mine.

you fear you intrude, you say, and i
wonder if you will still think that when i tell you
that i was the one who called you here
to answer the dearest wish
of my heart.

i want to love--this thought
grew from the empty corridors connecting chambers filled
with nothing. this hollowness summoned you from your bed
to track the paths of moonflowers
in the dew, for i

want to know what
it is to love,
and this longing
in my soul chased you to the silver threshold
of the waiting moon.

stranger prince, i think
i love you now, as your fingers
tangle through my hair.
but though the night is long, it is not
enough for you and me.

jealous dawn approaches to claim you, and i
kiss your eyes, lips, limbs, as you wake, bathed
by the fading stars of twilight. still drowsy, you smile.
it breaks my heart and i know:
i must love you.

i know, too, that the day is beckoning with arms wide
open, that sunlight flickers
behind your eyelids, but if you could,
stay with me tonight.

each kiss
is a question, and a promise: will you,
please? stay.
i love you.
i love you.

you nod, once,
twice, three times before sinking
back into slumber.
one last kiss: and now we meet
in dreams alone.

eyes closed, lips
silent, limbs slack, still
i love you, though lightning
rives the sea to its depths and natures

stay in this moment. stay
until sun and moon combine, until
heaven and earth collide, until the universe
collapses with a crashing roar, because still: still.
still--i will love you.