Friendship's Memories

Friendship's Memories

As I bask in the sunlight,

Drinking in the sights,

Memories flood through me,

Things I'll remember for eternity.

When I see the sunshine,

I remember all the times

That we'd just laugh and play together,

Best friends, always there for each other.

When I see the falling rain,

I remember the hurt and pain

That you eased for me,

Erasing them all completely.

When I hear the birds in song,

I remember when you righted my wrongs,

Correcting me with gentle words,

Words I treasured and remembered.

When I feel the soft breeze mingling in the air,

I remember the moments we've shared

Just you and me,

Walking and confiding trustingly.

Thank you, my dearest friend.

On you, I always depend.

I treasure the happy times we've spent and we're spending now

To thank you enough, I know not how.

And so, I give this poem to show

That you mean so much to me, you know.

And lastly, I want to say

May we have more memories each passing day.

Carmela Suarez 7A