Hello, this is an aspiring writer here. Even without the pressure of producing a decent novel (let alone upholding any sort of standards), writing is a hard thing to commit to. One has to battle writer's block, lack of inspiration, sheer apathy which tends to strike at the most inopportune moments, lack of inspiration, and then comes the editing.

Sometimes you come up with the most brilliant idea since sliced bread (which wasn't all that brilliant, not when compared to the laser printer), only to find that it doesn't translate well onto the computer screen. Or the paper, if that's the way you swing. The only thing to do in such circumstances is to abandon ship and hope another comes along before you drown too much.

Often there'll be days when you spend more time staring vacantly at your writing material than writing. As such, a writer's worst nemesis is the Recount button. If you wish to retain your sanity, I would advise you to steer well clear of the Recount button, which spells nothing but doom for a writer stranded in a quagmire far from inspiration.

There is no better way to deflate one's ego than to spend a significant amount of time typing up a piece of work and finding it equates to a total of less than 300 words. This is the power of the almight Recount button. Try not to stress when writing, as it will only result in the writing equivalent of constipation. If you thrive on stress, then I have only one thing to say to you: masochist.

As an aspiring writer and music fanatic, I deal daily with one of the most difficult dilemmas to appear in this modern age: music or no music? On the one hand, I am a music fanatic, along with all that title entails. On the other, the music I favour isn't always conducive to writing. It's a difficult decision to make but ultimately, it's up to you. I personally find that pressing Alt-F4 helps to keep me more focused on the task at hand.

Hopefully this little passage has enlightened you a little as to the hard - and all too often thankless - life of an aspiring writer. (Or at least, the life of this writer, of which much can be deduced from the act of resorting to such a topic as this.)