Had a few snotty reviews and PMs calling me a bitch regarding the whole gin flower thing.

I've PM'ed her, because in her recent A/N she said that she had messaged me privately to sort the matter out: she didn't.

As I state below, the similarities are far too common and even formatted the same way. Please have a read if you have time.

I don't think I am overreacting personally.

Also, if you want to leave a nasty review, please have the gall to come off anonymous.

Sent to gin flower, 11/05/14

Hi, saw your authors note.

Just to confirm, I never received a PM off of you, maybe it didn't send?

You state you've never read my story before that night and I'm sorry, I just can't 100% believe that. I'm not saying you plagiarised on purpose or anything, maybe it was a genuine mistake and you thought you'd created the ideas from new. I'm not saying you've copied my plot, I've never said that. What you have copied, however, are aspects of my writing and format. Along with some ideas. Here they are below:

Yours: Clicking on the first link that seemed relevant she scanned the article from the New York Times.

Cain Cross, convicted of First-Degree Murder was released today after serving only eleven years of his life sentence. In 1999 Cross was found guilty of first degree murder of high school student Matthew Maguire. There is no word yet on why Cross has been released early, nor what the plans for his probation may include. However, there are rumours that this early release is somehow involved with Cross's apparent Mafia ties. Cross is said to have joined one of the many Mafia syndicates whilst serving his sentence in the Maximum Security Correctional Facility he has called home for the length of his service, however it is only conjecture at this point to suggest it has any link to his release.

Mine: my eyes scanned over the text, filling with horror.

'Convicted murder Nathan Taylor has been released from HMP Hull today. Taylor was sent down for a murder that occurred in April 2001. '

This shocking revelation could potentially change the world of crime. When Taylor exited the prison he didn't seem to show any sign of regret, and even smirked devilishly at the paparazzi. Taylor hadn't shown any regret in court when he was convicted for the murder of his best friend Charlie Horrocks. A trustworthy source has told our reporter that Taylor was influential within the prison walls. He was let out for good behaviour, 15 years prior to his court sentence. Continued on page 4'

Yours: She remembered that everyone had stood around shocked while Cain beat the boy bloody, until Matt had slumped to the floor. But Cain had just climbed on top of him and kept hitting, until eventually he was just smacking his fist against a wet, pulpy mess. When someone finally broke out of the trance long enough to help, it was already too late to help him. Matt was dead, and Cain was just standing there with a satisfied grin on his blood-flecked face, panting slightly. He'd turned then, and smiled at her, and she knew it was her fault.

She'd testified against him, how could she not have? Matt, poor innocent Matt had died because of her, and no matter what she felt for Cain she knew that things would never ever be the same for them again. She remembered when she'd testified, how he'd stared at her, his gaze never wavering. Suddenly those warm blue eyes that she'd always loved had seemed cold, and she was scared of him. He'd tried to contact her all throughout the trial, sending her letters and making phone calls that went unanswered. She'd ignored every attempt at contact, spending most of her time in her room, trying to process when her life had taken such a surreal turn.

He'd never given up though, screaming "I love you Maddie!" across the courtroom after sentencing, promising he would never ever forget about her, and telling her he'd done it for them. He was completely unrepentant, he'd cold-bloodedly killed that boy for kissing her innocently at a party. That had been what had chilled her most, how pleased he seemed about the entire thing. How could anyone be so completely unaffected by taking a life?


"When I was sixteen, my first love brutally murdered his best friend.

For me."

By beating him to a bloody pulp, as told in the end of Agony. She testified against him.

The judge was talking, but neither of them heard, nobody was listening; they were witnessing what the lovers were shouting to each other.

"I love you Amelia."\


Stacey hadn't been born Stacey Marshland, and she was not a born and bred London girl. No she'd been born Madeline Stam, born and raised in New York City. She'd had a mother, a father, and she'd lived a fairly normal life for the first fourteen years of her life. School, friends, weekends spent with her parents. But when Cain Cross had come into her life, everything had changed.

Mine: My mistake was that my first love had been a murderer.

My name, my real name, is Amelia Spitz.

The witness protection agency had me down as Louise Dennis.

Also, Cain works at a bar too? And he's also had his hair cut, and filled out, wearing a suit.

Yours: Cain Cross was steadily making his way across the room towards her. Her mouth dropped open, and she felt her heart trying to beat a tattoo through her chest. A thousand thoughts raced through her head, but surprisingly the one that stuck was 'he looks different.'

He was older now, he'd filled out across the shoulders, grown at least a head taller. The floppy hair she used to stroke when they watched movies was cut close to his scalp in a buzz cut and he was wearing a suit. The Cain she knew hated suits. Her mind went to exit strategies, she had to leave right now. She had to call protection, but first she had to leave.

Mine: His voice was deep, low, masculine beyond belief, and it scared me witless. He sat behind the massive oak desk, his eyes wide, dressed in a black suit, collar undone and shirt untucked, his blazer was hung up on the wall to his left. Stubble dashed across his jaw line and his hair was cut short, sculpting his face. His eyes were travelling up and down my body and his face was covered by a gentle smirk, which made my stomach ache. "I see you did something good with my money then?"

Mine: "Witness protection, so you couldn't find me. Ever. You shouldn't have found me!"

"I'll always find you." He was coming towards me.

Yours: She didn't want to break into a run again, that would make it real. If she could just make it home she could call protective services and they'd move her. Another new life, another fresh start. She'd have to dye her hair again, make new friends all over again. Just when she'd started to settle in here. But that didn't matter. What mattered was getting far, far away from Cain.

"I will never stop following you. Do you understand Maddie? I will always find you."

Please don't say these are pure coincidences, because they aren't, maybe one may have been, but to have this many similarities in two chapters is bordering ridiculous. It's the backstory I have a bit of an issue with, the killing of the best friend over a kiss, beating him with his fists, the testifying against her lover, the early release documented in a newspaper, the witness protection, the club, the appearance change, even the way 'Cain' acts sometimes.

All I'm asking is that you change the first two chapters, because this is not a coincidence, this is copied.

And no snarky 'anonymous reviewers' will make me think different.

It's unfair and wrong.

You have an amazing story built afterwards, better than mine in fact, but you cannot deny me this. The similarities are too strong, too common.

I will be posting this to my story, I'm sick of being told I'm overreacting.

Looking forward to your response.

Many thanks.

If you want to see the similarities with the friend kissing her, then being beaten up by the lead male till he died, (EVEN smiling at her after he'd done it) then the court testimony and the shouting out, please refer to 'Agony's final chapters.

Cheers all,

mardy bum