A/N: A serious one...kind of--BUT ONLY KIND OF--realistic, while not realistic. Okay, I don't know how to explain it. Pretend it has nothing to do with me. n.n


March 4th, 2009 - pouring rain with a side of hail. Of course, it's winter, and I'm not expecting hail. But it's like the heavens want to warn me in advance that I'm about to cry. The night drones on, and I'm listening to Les Miserables music.

My brother, Luke, was just in the musical, and he played as Marius. He's a senior in Reidell High School, and Dr Glenny indicated beforehand that he should be Marius. He got the part and played it wonderfully.

So I'm listening to "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables," about ready to cry my heart out. Why, you ask? Oh, good. That means you're interested.

The rain simply wouldn't stop. I glanced out my bedroom window, confused at the sky's mood swings. Darkness filled my vision, so I couldn't see much. But the strangely soothing pitter-patter of the raindrops informed me that there was no way the rain was going to give up now.

I turned back to my computer and glanced at the screen. Pure hatred filled my thoughts as I read the headline:

Welcome, Alice! to Facebook!

I grimaced uncontrollably. I did it. I joined the majority and got a facebook. I was no longer of the people who wanted to remain nonconformist. But when I read the description, I realized that this site couldn't get any more secure. In order to change your name, you had to send a request.

So I did it. I got a facebook and now I felt like a complete and utter idiot. Not to mention a n00b. I had a total of ten Reidell friends, while going to my brother's, he had 598. I mean, I knew that Luke was a popular guy, but he couldn't possibly have known that many people.

I clicked on the link showing all his friends to see if I could add a few that I know well. None came to mind immediately, although I added his girlfriend, his best friend, and a few people from the musical that I knew.

Then I came across him.

I can't even begin to explain what was wrong with me when I clicked the link leading to Emmett Thrace's facebook. I guess I was feeling lucky.

Completely unaware of what I was doing, I clicked 'Add to Friends.'

And waited.

Sure enough, the email came, saying that he had accepted me. Not that I doubted he would. He did fo myspace. What's so different now?

So I went to his profile and glared at the picture. God, how I hate this guy. He teased me a couple nights ago, driving me mad.

I was at the first production of Les Miserables, and Dr Glenny asked me to hand out programmes. He walked towar the boys' dressing room - a no-safe zone for me.

'Er... Dr Glenny...'

'It's okay,' the short, bald man called from inside. 'No one's changing in here.'

I quickly followed him into the almost-empty room and looked around for Dr Glenny. He had already made it across and was standing in front of a mound of boxes with programmes in them. But someone glanced in my direction, who happened to be sitting near the boxes, putting on his shoes.


I swallowed the lump in my throat and took a few steps forward. He had gone back to lacing his bishop's boots (his first role in the play), and it was up to me to keep cool. If I even looked at him, Dr Glenny or anyone else would guess that I liked him.

No, loved him.

But that was so irrational. Sometimes, I hated myself for it, but why couldn't I act normal around him?

So I looked down and smiled as I approached Emmett. And guess what he did?

He smiled back.

Go figure.

'Take these programmes out to the lobby and get someone to help you,' Dr Glenny said.

I nodded and took a box. It was slightly heavy, but I couldn't reveal any faltering to Emmett. Unfortunately, someone's stuff was all over the floor.

That's when I felt like killing the guy I loved.

He stopped a glanced up at me. 'Oh, sorry. Let me move my stuff for you.' And the simple way he said it drove me up a wall. It was like he was looking for an excuse to say something to me.

Or do this.

I waited patiently, heart thumping uncomfortably against the inside of my ribcage, as he reached down and gathered up his belongings. I tried not to act at all excited, but...

Something soft brushed against my thigh.

My eyes widened and I looked down in shock. Did that just happen?

Emmett grinned up at me.

I guess now would be a good time to explain who this Emmett guy really is.

A long time ago, about three years, my friend Lydie had a party for her brother, Chris, on his birthday at a restaurant called Fez. Lydie didn't want to be alone there, so she asked Chris if I could go. Of course, I went.

Of course, so did Emmett.

I sat down on the cushion that replaced a regular chair only to see this pretty cute guy with blond curly hair sit next to me. Of course, knowing me, I asked Lydie who he was.

'Come on, Alice,' Lydie murmured. She hated my obsessions with guys when they grew. 'His name is Emmett Thrace. He's Chris's friend, and a complete a-hole.'

I looked at him. He laughed at something his other friend, Jerome said.

Yeah, he looked like an asshole.

But whatever, right? After a good two days, I was totally in love with him.


So here I was, dazed and confused about what was going on. Emmett totally just felt me up in front of Dr Glenny; what was I supposed to do?

I walke on.

Yeah, I felt like slapping him upside the head; I mean, he has no right to tease me like that and play with my emotions. Hey, let's see... Maybe if I touch her thigh, she'll react strangely...

No, loser. What'd you expect?

Yeah, I did ignore it. And I know that was letting him win, but what was I supposed to do, right?

I walked on.

I scowled at the screen. Emmett has 412 Reidell High School Friends! Yeah? Well I had 13. I was new, okay? And besides, I didn't need 412 fcking friends.

I scrolled down. His 'Wall' was full of 369 comments. I didn't need 369 fcking comments.

So I glanced at a couple comments. One caught my eye. It was from a girl named Lauren Martino.

I really need to tell you something, and it can't wait for Monday, so I'll just message you.

It was fairly recent, and I didn't like the way it was worded. So of course, I scrolled all they way up again to see Emmett's status:

It's Complicated with Lauren Martino.

I frowned. At least it was complicated, right? I mean, that was always a good sign. I wante to go to Lauren's facebook to confirm it, but I couldn't just friend her. She had no clue who I was.

Something caught my eye at the corner of the screen. I scrolled down once more to get a better view to see a whole section about Emmett's school-popular band: The Establishment. I grinned. I had heard of Emmett's fantastic guitar-playing, and had only actually heard him play through my brother's cell phone. But honestly, it was good enough for me. Unfortunately, I had longed to hear him shred for a while, and when my bro, Luke, came home from some sort of Battle of the Bands thing, he came up to me, beaming.

'Alice, check your voice mail.'

I flipped out my cell phone and listened to my brother's message of Emmett playing ridiculously well on his guitar.

But comparing that outrageous solo to this made me cry. I clicked on the link to a song called 'The Hardest Part.' It was the only song, and I was all too eager to hear it.

That's when I burst into tears.


A/N: Okay, I hope this is all right. It's dedicated to my friend Amy, who is currently awaiting more! xD Also, yes, all this shit actually happened.