Oh if you could see me now
But you couldn't see me then
Back when peers dared you to lick me
As I was a bitter banana's skin
You'd laugh and play everyday
Never knowing who I was
But I don't blame you, I never did
I know you had your cause

You'll never know though, it makes me sad
That I am the sunshine
Careful to bring rays to warm you
Though I sometimes take my time
You bask and bathe in my fires
You breathe my dust at dawn and dusk
But you don't know, you never did
Know how I was crushed

Darling I am that dry bitter taste
That smooth warmth you held against your face
I'm the feeling you got from someone's embrace
That smell when you could tell the air with dust was thick
I'm the bright and light for whenever you got sick
But you never saw me, you never could
What, being born blind—and blind for good