Chapter Two: The Voices Are Bad

Emily tossed and turned in her bed that night. Her mind filled with a deep velvet voice that echoed throughout the visions that were playing behind her eyes.

The warm spring air rippled with a gentle power and she felt content. This was her home, her life and magic bound to the beautiful land...

'But they destroyed it...'

A woman, obviously in labour lay in a cold sterile room, yet despite this no one could deny the love and joy of the soon to be new parents. Soon the fragile wail of a baby rang through the still air. The happy moment was shattered by a pounding on the door and the room's occupants felt a sudden spike of fear...

'They were killed, unable to defend themselves...'

Dawn was just touching the sky and he basked in the beauty. It didn't matter how many sunrises he'd seen the centuries he'd lived, nothing moved him like the start of a new day. His dreamy basking was interrupted as the rooftop door was banged open and figures in black stormed onto the roof. He didn't get a chance to move before pain exploded in his chest...

'They cut down the innocent, heedless of what they have done in life. All in a warped quest for vengeance...'

Emily woke with a start panting, her mind still swirling with memories not her own and that velvety voice still echoing.

Emily looked down at her shaking hands. What is happening to me?

'You are now one of the Timeless, child. No longer will you age, sickness can no longer grasp you. No longer are you bound by the restraints of mortality.'

Emily's mind all but flat-lined. Who are you? Why am I hearing voices in my head? Why the hell am I taking to said voice?!

The voice chuckled 'I am known as Grey, the All-Knowing-One. I am beyond time, thus those in my power are called the Timeless. What one of us knows, all know. Yesterday a man grabbed you. I'm sorry about the forced ritual; he'd been severely injured and was not thinking strait. You have just been pulled into a war that has been raging for millennia between me and Ze Alca. I know you are angry, but you can still live your life. I don't require worship, but seek knowledge. All that you learn and discover in life I learn too and it makes me stronger. I'll leave you now with a warning. Watch out for Ze Alca's minions, they will kill you for what you now are, they have no care about if the ritual was non-consensual or not. They won't hesitate to kill you...'

The presence of the other conscious faded to a small hum in the back of her mind. Emily shuddered. It was all just a bad, bad dream. Emily shook her head and tried her hardest to forget about it.