jared sherlok a survivor of the stop loss who hates the government is givin a free mansion on a hill in the town of michigan the name of the town jared has forgotten but he knows where its located. Jared and his wife are at the mansion getting there keys.

Dan: well jared here are your keys to your beautiful new home I hope you enjoy it.

jared I hope we do to but I must ask why is the government giving me a free house?

Dan: well since your a survivor of the stop loss and you did not try to kill your commanding officer and the letter carrier for bringing you the letter we are rewarding you for a job well done.

mindy: well thankyou dan for the mansion now we need to get our furniture inside the house before it rains.

With that said Dan handed them the keys and drove off for the next 5 hours jared and his wife mindy were setting up the house.

Mindy: wow I cant bealive we dont have to pay for water,electricity,or any repairs to the house or as a matter of the fact anything related to the house isn't that so generous jared? ''yeah I guess it is and the funny part is I did try to kill the mailman just he was already in his car before I got a chance to strangle him''.

mindy: well I will finish the bedroom and you go bring the rest of your ''security'' to the basement.

jared: im on my way.

Jared brought two boxes of ammunition and a couple of grenades and two uzi's to the basement when jared reached the basement he got very suspicious.

''strange the whole basement floor is has a rug nailed to the ground if there isnt another floor beneath it why is there a rug?...well since this is our house I get to do what I want with it''.

Jared put down his first box of security and marched over to the end of the rug and tugged at it. It was nailed down tight so jared got up went up the stairs into the hallway around the corner into the living room past the pantry into another hallway turned left and reached the front door where his toolbox was.

Jared opened the toolbox and took out his hammer then jared went back to the basement. When jared reached the basement he kneeled down to the rug and started taking every nail out of it with his hammer

half and hour later

jared managed to pull out 50 nails in that rug with that done jared got up and rolled the rug across the room he looked down and saw that there was another floor.

So jared went back up the stairs into the hallway into the hallway around the corner into the living room past the pantry into another hallway turned left and reached the front door where his supplies was he got a rope and a sledge hammer from it and went back to the basement.

When jared got back to the basement he tied the rope around his waist and twirled the other end on a hook in the ceiling. Jared took his sledgehammer and bshed the floor several times until there was a big enough hole for him to go through.

Jared lowered himself down into the second basement when he reached the bottom he saw the the room was very religiously decorated with crosses every where he looked around the room and saw nothing of interest until he spotted a tiny square door on the floor it was locked and it had a cross burned into it.

''hm well this is my house I can whatever I want with it''.

Jared looked around the door to find any booby traps he only found one. Jared took ut his knife and cut the wire and lowered the bottles slowly. Jared looked at the bottle they were clear he thought it was acid he opened one of the bottles and sniffed it.

''its water just water what kind of trap is that''? Jared put down the water and waked the lock with the sledgehammer and opened the door leading to some stairs jared not having a flash light decided not to go down the stairs instead he took the water and the sledgehammer and pulled himself up the rope and went back up the stairs into the hallway into the hallway around the corner into the living room past the pantry into another hallway turned left and reached the front door where his supplies was and took out his headlights and strapped it on left the water but kept the sledgehammer.

Jared went back to the second basement with an uzi and went down the stairs looking around he saw a giant cave nothing particularly interesting in it. Just some rocks,water,vines thats it.

''is this a joke I mean all that work just to lock away a cave man how stupid is that theres nothing in here...well im hungry im going down to burger king to get some food''. Dissapointed jared goes back up the rope out of the basement and into the car and went to town.


while jared was working in the basement mindy was in the bedroom with all the work she decided to go to bed.


''sniff'' ''sniff'' ''sniff'' what is that I smell...its fresh air someone finally opened the door haha yes time to feed hahahahaha''.

A dark figure left the cave and shielded itself from the crosses with it's cloak then jumped up through the hole and walked up the stairs. The figure looked around the mansion with crimson eyes until it sensed another person in the house.



jared came home and went to the kitchen to put away the groceries. When that was done he went up to the bedroom to see if mindy was awake.

Jared opened the door and mindy was on the bed sleeping.

Jared ti toed over to the bed and kissed mindy on the forehead. Mindy's eyes shot open and hugged jared and said. ''I missed you''. I missed you too I brought home food are you hungry? ''oh you cant bealive how hungry I am''.

Mindy then bit into jareds neck and he screamed aaaaaaahhhhhh. Mindy wrapped her legs around his waist and held on tightly while draining his blood.

Jared trying to get her off he ran into the wall and ran into again and again until jared grabbed the lamp and bashed her head with.

Mindy fell to the floor.

Jared leaned over to her and saw bite marks on her neck. ''oh my so there was something in that cave it was a vampire and it got mindy. I cant bear to kill her but until I find someway to help her I have to lock her in here''.

Jared then took his knife out and scratched a cross onto the door then went to the window and scratched a cross on that too. Jared then went to every window in the house and scratched a cross on it. When he finally reached the door and put a cross on it he was so exhausted from blood loss he fell to the ground.


jared woke up and found he was very hungry he looked at his hands and they were pale he ran over to the mirror and saw he had red eyes. ''oh no im one of them''.

mindy: honey im sorry for hurting you can you let me out now? Were still family.

Jared ran up to the door and said ''im sorry mindy but im not letting you out until I find a cure and one for myself as well''.


Jared ignored her cries and blurred to his tool box. ''wow I got here real fast my powers must be forming''. Jared got out the bottles from the tool box opened one up and let a drip fall on his finger. ''sssssssss'' came the sound of his finger burning under the touch of the holy water.

''well if I am going to kill that monster im going to have arm myself with holy weapons'' (pun intended) jared ran down to the basement and took all of his guns and ran to the front room.

Jared took out his clips and the bottles and sprinkled holy water on the ammo and then the ammo back into the guns. ''time to kill some unholy monster''.

Jared was going to the basement until he saw the fiend in the hallway dressed in black Gothic clothing and a cloak.

vampire so your going to kill me eh why would you do that to family jared why kill your family? ''your not family beast''. Well were both vampires so were family and my name isnt beast its maverick. ''I dont care if we are family by disease im still going to kill you and im not leting you leave this house to kill more people''. Then I guess I have no choice but to give you permanent death.

In a flash jared took out his pistol and shot maverick three times maverick dodged and blurred to jared's side and knocked him aside basking him into the kitchen.

Jared ggot up and took out his other pistol and shot him again this time hitting him in the legs and stomach. ''RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE'' maverick said as the holy water sizzled his flesh. Maverick blurred to jared and knocked the guns out of hands and stabbed him in the gut with his claws jared cried out in pain and head knocked him sending maverick back a few steps jared started bashing maverick in the face with his fists punch to the face, jab to the stomach, kick to the face sending maverick back to the floor maverick changed his face to demon form and blurr punched jared twenty times in 10 seconds sending jared back to the kitchen.

Jared looked at the table and grabbed a grenade and threw it at maverick maverick caught it and threw it into the hallway and it exploded sending flames onto the walls in seconds the house caught fire and spreaded extremely fast as the house was dry and old.

Maverick ran to the door and was repelled by the cross on the door then he shouted ''YOUVE DOOMED US ALL YOUVE FOOL''.

The flames licked at the stairs and went up into the hallway.

Jared ran at maverick and threw him into the living room and jared ran to him and kicked him. Maverick got up and clawed at jareds face slash slash slash.

Jared suddenly heared mindy screaming in pain as the fire reached the bedroom.


the flames circled the two combatants as they fought the floor suddenly broke throught and they fell into the basement and then the floor was so weak it fell through too and they fell into the secondary basement and the flames engulfed the whole house and the house toppled on the vampires obliterating them in the fire.

In town the house could be seen falling in on itself as the fire burned through it.

10:00am office of national security

a man in a black suit walked up the the front desk where the head of the national security was sitting.

Dan ''sir I have completed my report''. desk man and what has happened at the estate? Dan well stop loss survivor jared sherlok found the crypt of the vampire and let it free but jared doing his duty sealed it in once more but set fire to the house also. This morning investigators found nothing alive or undead but just dead. Jared and mindy sherlok died last night in there own home trying to save michigan from an unholy plague''. desk man he died defending his country set up a secret memorial and make a cover up for what happened. Dan yes sir

''I hope you liked my one shot it didnt take me long to finish it but I enjoyed it I hope you did to I am excepting all comments/reviews since this is my first story on this site thankyou''. --yalc