Patch me up with gypsy music
I'd like to be in the rhythm of connection again
and find the part of me that was stuck
in reliving yesterday.

Let's go through life's premiere
and catch its demise somewhere along the way
singing of May dreaming and
random Sylvia Plath conquering my thoughts.

Rustle with French conjugations in my head
and spread their meanings while forming the broken language
filled with accents,
You could be another person.

Look at the bewitched sky that tells you
lies that you'll so desperately believe.

The passing of thousand moons
in the split sky of confusion
I want to let go
of my soul full of rejection
and cast out beauty.

Strain me like tea leaves
and drain out my weaknesses
Drink me with your mixture of herbs
I'll heal you again.

Serenade with me
across the transition of living
and capture tales
of tinted victory and blazing hearts.